12 Years Together, These 5 Love Lessons from Darius-Donna Agnesia
Cari Berita

12 Years Together, These 5 Love Lessons from Darius-Donna Agnesia

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Darius and Donna are one of the few couples touted as relationship goals , even family goals . If people think the relationship with a younger man is unstable, this is not evident from both. Both of them are proof of a solid relationship to becoming a parent.

It's been 12 years to build a household together, of course they have traveled a lot. There are also many that we can learn from both. Here are five love lessons from Darius and Donna Agnesia.

1. Being a husband and wife is not just a matter of who we live. For Donna, being wife of Darius is pride

If you see Donna Agnesia's Instagram account, you will find that pride clearly. In the bio, he wrote a description of "A proud wife of @arius_sinathrya" (a proud wife of Darius Sinathrya). His pride does not stop there because he often praises and expresses his love for her husband.

2. Darius is indeed the person who is. Even what he wanted in his life was his wife always smiling and happy

Indeed there is nothing more fun when we see a couple laughing and smiling. Because both are signs of happiness. Seeing Darius, he did not sue his wife in any way or had to act like a certain figure. He let Donna be himself. Just smile and be happy, that's enough.

3. Working as a partner is common for Darius & Donna. Working far apart has become a love story that strengthens the joints longing for both

Since long ago, Donna and Darius have been known as reliable presenters. Moreover, both of them also have a history of being a football presenter. Not surprisingly, duet work is often experienced and makes them more compact.

However, not infrequently they also have to work separately. Later, Donna is known to be an insurance agent besides taking care of children. Darius was often involved in film production outside the city. But busyness is not an excuse to scatter. In fact, the feeling of longing is getting stronger like a teenager who just blends love.

4. Both are also compact in terms of educating children. Honesty, responsibility, remembering God, and mutual respect are always instilled

Having three children is not an easy thing if it is not balanced with the cohesiveness of father and mother. In addition to dividing the time for children, there must be an agreement about the values ​​that must be instilled in the child. In letters written by Donna and Darius to his first son, both of them always instill discipline, responsibility, respect for the older, remember God, honest, brave, sincere, uplifting, not quick to despair.

5. Both Donna and Darius are not perfect people. But it is precisely that which is the second belief to support & complement

There is no perfect human in this world. Even the perfect definition for everyone can be different and subjective. Therefore, what Donna and Darius have always been doing is always supporting and complementing each other. That way, perfection can be achieved if done together right? To be sure, the age difference is also not a significant obstacle, right?

There were five love lessons from Darius and Donna Agnesia, who had been building household midwives for 12 years. Who doesn't want to be like them?