5 The Attitude of the Girl Who Makes the Clapper Guys during the PDKT Period
Cari Berita

5 The Attitude of the Girl Who Makes the Clapper Guys during the PDKT Period

Monday, December 17, 2018

When the PDKT process, of course between men and women is still in the stage of exploring a relationship. Get to know each other and share your thoughts. Of course the goal is to create a sense of togetherness and closeness.

And it turns out there are attitudes that sometimes make ilfeel and there are also women's attitudes that are special in the eyes of the boys during the PDKT period. What are you curious about? Let's see

1. Ignorant

Sad, this attitude often makes boys feel very challenged during the PDKT period. With this ignorant attitude makes women more mysterious and men are naturally curious to get closer and know more information. But do not overdo it, ladies . If it's excessive, the guy will feel bored and end up failing PDKT.

2. Honest

Guys really like honest women. No exception at PDKT. If during PDKT, what does a woman do, without exaggerating herself personally. The page is considered a very special thing in the eyes of a guy. For men, there is no need to be someone else just being yourself has made him fall in love with you ladies .

3. Friendly

Guys also like friendly women. Especially when PDKT, the woman he approached was very friendly. Guys will easily bend their knees, only with your hospitality and your cherry smile. Be friendly as naturally as possible without being artificial. Because guys will know which ones are genuine and which ones are made up.

4. Independently and not spoiled

Ask for a little at a time and at any time ask to always be contacted. This attitude is very unpopular with men. Especially still in the PDKT period. Try to be independent and not spoiled. Because guys will appreciate independence rather than excessive spoiledness.

5. Fragrant and clean

Believe fragrance and cleanness in fact become a determining factor whether PDKT will continue or not. Men will be very happy if the woman he approaches when PDKT is clean and looks caring for the body. So don't go haphazardly ladies . At least simple things like wearing perfume can certainly be used when you are PDKT with guys.

How, do you know the secrets of the guys ladies ? Try to be guaranteed of lits.