5 Financial Tricks That Must Be the Priority of Independent Women
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5 Financial Tricks That Must Be the Priority of Independent Women

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Girls , managing finances well is a skill that you must also have. Not only useful when you are married, but also when you are alone and in an organization it is also very helpful. Financial management is basically the art of fulfilling long-term needs with existing income.

Especially if you often get large amounts of money and such routine every month, of course management is much easier. It's just that, there are also many girls who are stuck with excessive lifestyles and forget to save through large stagnant salaries. With proper financial management education, it is hoped that this will not happen. Because, your future will be harmed because it is not prepared for the long term.

Well, these 5 things you need to do in financial management if you have a lot of money at any time. Come on, see the full review!

1. Set aside to buy gold

Buying gold is now the right solution to secure financial long-term. You can choose gold jewelry or pieces or bars. The price of gold tends to be stable over time. Even if the value decreases, it's not too far from the original price.

It is different from electronic goods, which when resold the value drops dramatically. However, that does not mean you may not buy items other than gold. Please keep on shopping for items that suit your needs, the principle of long-term benefits and budget.

2. Make a variety of different types of piggy banks

As long as the money that holds has a large amount and is consistent from month to month, make savings varied. Prepare a number of piggy banks with different purposes such as savings for donations, specifically coins, new cellphones, books, gas cylinders, gold and unexpected needs.

Keep these savings in a safe place. Don't break into it occasionally before it's full unless it's an emergency. This method is enough to save you from waste. This trick is also suitable for students and students.

3. Keep away from waste

Girls in general are very synonymous with the term 'wasteful'. His eyes are very difficult to refrain from buying the latest fashion products or the present. Especially if you are a girl who likes a collection of certain outfits . So, waste will take you every time.

That is why, you have to be able to refrain from spending money. Use the money to meet needs, not wants. Consider many times before buying items so that there is no regret and futility later.

4. Set aside for donations

Donations or alms are also important for you to do in the field or narrow. In addition to teaching you about the importance of sharing and economic equality, charity also has great benefits that will soon turn to you.

Basically, when you give some of your sustenance to those who need it, you are giving benefits to yourself. At present, there are many facilities to donate. It can be through applications or social institutions that are willing to pick up our donations. The easiest way is to slip money into a charity box in the nearest mosques.

5. Spend on items that can produce new economic value or increase

Well, this trick will be very useful when you apply for small and large-scale business. If you have writing or crafting skills, you can use this method to create an economic turnaround in your own savings.

Buy items that support your needs to make products to sell. with a note, you have considered the amount of capital, promotion costs and target market. Supported by detailed and neat financial records. At least, you have learned business tricks from a small scale. Thus, the money you have will continue to spin and turn back into your pocket even the value will increase.

Well, that's a number of ways to save large amounts of money. Not only is it stored neatly in a constant amount, but also has the potential to increase in value if applied consistently. The spirit of managing finances properly, Girls !