5 This Zodiac Is Smart To Hide Feelings, Are You Included?
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5 This Zodiac Is Smart To Hide Feelings, Are You Included?

Friday, December 21, 2018

Not everyone has the courage to express what they feel. Maybe one of your friends is more happy to talk bluntly and show the emotions he feels. But not a few people choose to harbor their feelings for certain reasons.

Usually this type of person tends to look for a safe zone that keeps them away from conflict. Likewise if they like someone. Do not want to take the risk of being rejected or a relationship that becomes uncomfortable makes them tend to hide their feelings.

Here are five zodiacs that are said to be clever at hiding their feelings. Are you included or not?

1 Scorpio

Scorpio chose to harbor his feelings deeply because he knew that not everyone could be trusted. They are afraid of the possibility that other people will turn around and betray them and spread their secrets.

But Scorpio doesn't really hide its feelings alone, how come. They will be very excited about expressing their feelings towards people who are truly trusted.

2. Leo

It is not easy for Leo to express what he feels. Before deciding to be honest about their feelings, they will think repeatedly until they are absolutely sure if this is the right decision. They do not want to take risks if this decision will actually make them in trouble.

3. Gemini

Who would have thought, a person who is known to be sociable and easy to get along with like Gemini was also more likely to save his own feelings. For them, their original feelings would be better to save themselves than to become public consumption.

Don't be surprised if Gemini is willing to lie and not be honest about her feelings and prefers to show emotions that are appropriate to the situation they are facing.

4. Virgo

The Virgo girl seems to be very reliable about matters harboring feelings. For him, it is not important to spread his own feelings until the public knows. Virgo's easily hurt nature is a strong reason to close his feelings to others, including those who they secretly care about.

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5. Taurus

Fear of rejection which later makes them embarrassed makes Taurus girls difficult to express their feelings clearly. They never really honestly say what they feel.

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Those are some zodiacs that are allegedly clever at hiding their feelings. If you are alone, including those who are harboring or bluntly expressing feelings, right?