5 Zodiacs with an Easily Fragile Heart But Trying to Stay Tough
Cari Berita

5 Zodiacs with an Easily Fragile Heart But Trying to Stay Tough

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Humans are complex creatures. There are many interesting things from a human being that if studied deeper will certainly make us more aware that nothing is perfect in this world. Likewise, when it comes to feeling.

Many people out there are either men or women who often hide their feelings. They prefer to try to pretend to be tough even though their hearts are actually fragile for various reasons.

From this there are several zodiacs which turned out to be pretending to be tough even though their hearts are currently fragile guys . Curious? See below.

1. Aquarius

The first zodiac that often pretends to be tough is Aquarius. They often hide their feelings as best they can.

Aquarius who is famous for his calm disposition and the type that easily understands other people actually has a deficiency in themselves. Hiding feelings and trying to make other people happy is a burden for an aquarius.

2. Gemini

With characters who are good at talking and people who are very active and agile, it turns out that people who are Gemini are people who have feelings that are quite fragile and they try to cover it up. Their signs can be easily known by the circle of people closest to them.

But friends' awareness of the famous Gemini characters and always look happy makes it difficult for them to know more deeply about the problems that occur in a Gemini.

3. Sagittarius

Smart sagitarius turns out not to be very clever when talking feelings. The storm of problems and problems that occurred were able to shake the hearts of the owners of the Sagittarius zodiac.

Even though it has more intelligence, the feeling really cannot lie. Sagitarius is very fragile easily even though it continues to try hard. Stay caught, you know Sagittarius!

4. Virgo

With his cold head, Virgo does seem to succeed in covering up various problems that occur to him. Supported by a very logical thinking, Virgo seems to have no gaps.

But behind it all, Virgo still holds great fragility when facing various problems. Support from people who love him is the most effective medicine to overcome the fragility of his heart.

5. Taurus

The last sign is Taurus. The friendly and patient Taurus character backfires itself.

This actually makes him easily sad and depressed when faced with problems. Taurus requires a trigger to overcome these shortcomings, a friend becomes a powerful trigger for Taurus to overcome his fragility.

Well, those are the five zodiacs that are known to be tough when they are totally fragile. Of those of you who read this article, are there any zodiacs in the list above?