6 2018 Outer Trends You Can Use at End of Year Parties
Cari Berita

6 2018 Outer Trends You Can Use at End of Year Parties

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Outer like a jacket is great for keeping yourself warm in the cold months like the rainy season or snow. Outer is also the perfect fashion item to complement your appearance.

In 2018, many types of outer are cool and a trend among fashion lovers. Some of these outer items seem to be more and more popular, so there's nothing wrong for you to wear when going out to attend a year-end party.
Here is a list of 6 outers ranging from jackets to coats that you can still wear to welcome 2019 later, check this out !

1. Denim jacket

Denim jackets are probably the most necessary of all important jackets in this list. This jacket is the most valuable investment because it is very practical and suitable to be combined with various other outfits! Whether it's coated with a t-shirt and jeans or worn over a dress. Don't hesitate to choose pieces that suit your style guys!

2. Boyfriend blazer

Blazers are very important for a formal look, but you can also wear them on a relaxed night. Blazers come in various pieces, styles and colors. Some are even covered with cute patterns to present more unique elements.

Blazer is quite flexible or versatile, you can wear it according to the situation. Use the casual look of a blazer by rolling up the long sleeves and matching them with jeans.

Pair a blazer with a shiny blouse and skirt for a dramatic evening party look. Blazers can also make you look sporty, smart, and fun, and keep your body warm.

3. Bomber jacket

Sports wear is now one of the fashion trends. One of them is a bomber jacket that might be one of the outfits in your wardrobe and used in everyday life.

with the origin of the military fighter pilot, this jacket will immediately give you a boyish look. The floral motif on the jacket will give a real, cool feminine feel. Bomber jackets are suitable for wearing with skirts, pants and denim.

4. Boho jacket

Boho chic is one of the all-time favorite style trends, but it may be difficult to mix and match well. The boho style of the long printed jacket is a trend nowadays.

Nice boho clothes will be clothes that you will use for cool bohemian clothes. The best type is the simple, solid color, and can be combined with something simple for the bottom.

5. Cardigan

Cardigan has earned a reputation as something that is comfortable and most suitable to be worn on rainy days. For most people, the perfect cardigan length is along the middle hip or just below the hip line. Shorter cardigans are a good choice for those with a height of around 150-155cm.

6. Blouse

Who says blouses are only used as formal bosses? Korea has made it a trend to wear casually as outerwear. In a hot tropical climate, this is more useful because it can last longer as a jacket at the same time.

Enough to avoid perspiration and protect the skin from UV rays. You can find a checkered blouse or strip other than monochrome. Button the shirt. This will be a jacket immediately and in the right way!