6 Trends in Marriage That Will Be Booming in 2019, Kepo Yuk!
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6 Trends in Marriage That Will Be Booming in 2019, Kepo Yuk!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

New year, new trends too. Not only makeup , fashion , and hairstyle , new trends also come to the world of marriage. The standard of marriage for 2019 has been made since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding celebration, which will inspire many marriages out there.

1. Bright and orange colors will be the main color

Closing in 2018, Pantone announced that Living Coral would be the main color in 2019. This also affected the world of marriage, where the bridemaid dress would be dominated by orange. Wedding decorations will also not play in bold colors , but in bright colors dominated by white and orange.

The flower bouquet will also be dominated by this color. The choice of flowers to be offered is a variety of seruni flowers, various colors of peonies, white roses, sunflowers and baby breath. The more simple and  back to nature , the better the bouquet of flowers will be.

2. 2019 wedding decoration theme, bringing nature into the room

It is no longer an outdoor wedding , for 2019 it will be themed  bringing the outdoors in . Like Prince Harry's marriage and Meghan Markle, coupled with some inspiration from the marriage in Crazy Rich Asians.

Rustic decorations that are usually suitable for  outdoor , will now be applied in the indoor . So don't be surprised if the wedding decoration vendor will offer a large tree concept in the middle of your wedding hall, or the concept of flowers everywhere.

In the 2019 wedding trend, BRIDESmagazine said the eco-friendly wedding concept  will also rise. Where you don't see plastic items in a wedding, and items that are used as decorations are also more recycled items.

3. Marriage is no longer long, but it's more a concept to wedding lunch or wedding dinner. 

If you still find many marriages now where morning blessings are and will party at night, in 2019 a concept like this will be abandoned. 2019 is the year of  wedding dinner or  wedding lunch . Where the wedding will start early in the morning and immediately continue to lunch, or start the evening that immediately dinner. Is that so simple ?

4. It's not ball gown anymore, wedding dresses in 2019 are simpleand classic

For 2019, wedding dresses will be more minimalist. Dominated by one color and not using decoration, it will become a favorite dress this year. Even if the dress is accented, it will definitely be the same accent from top to bottom. For the model of the dress, it is not any longer, but rather for sabrina or sleeves with a v-neck gown model .

Luminous crowns or decorations are not an option for a  headpiece in 2019. The  headpiecethat will be chosen in 2019 is more to simple hair ornaments with natural themes and bright colors such as the color of the living coral.

5. The makeup and hairstyle trends for weddings in 2019 are more super natural

Referring to Meghan Markle, the trend of makeup that will rise is  natural makeup  by highlighting its original beauty. The color shade that will be the favorite for makeup this year is the  shade coral with a choice of colors such as orange, pink, orange, yellow, and so on. For lipsticks, bold colors  like blood red will be a favorite in 2019.

As for the  hairstyle , the back bun model with the addition of a  hair piece will be a favorite. In addition, braids and  loose hair styles will also rise. Whatever looks natural, will be the bride's favorite!

6. Invitation and wedding cake arenot too many changes, just feel more personal

The wedding trend in 2019 does not bring much change to the invitation model and  wedding cake . It's just that in 2019, this decoration will feel more personal. Where the invitation model will shift from calligraphy to illustration. Wedding cake is no longer high because of the eco-friendly concept (not added stereofoam cake to look high). Only 2-3 tiers with one taste are decorated nicely using  buttercream .

That's the six trends of marriage that will boomin 2019. Are you planning to get married in that year? Use this article as a preparation guide so that your wedding becomes an unforgettable moment.