7 Special Things from Men Not Romantic that Girls Don't Know!
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7 Special Things from Men Not Romantic that Girls Don't Know!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Of course many women crave a romantic guy. Romantic guys are often hailed as sensitive and caring guys. But in fact the opposite of a romantic guy, a guy who is not romantic turns out to have advantages too. Even though it's not romantic, these guys also have special things that women don't know. Intrigued by what special things do guys have that aren't romantic? See below immediately!

1. Like action rather than promises

Not much promise but prefer action. That is a special thing that is not in a romantic guy. Not good at rolling with death seduction. But if you talk about proof, a not romantic guy is always ready to prove his love without having to mince words with flirtations.

2. If you have fallen in love, your love is only for one person

There is no second love when he has expressed love for the person he loves. Men who are not romantic always hold fast to loyalty. For him, love is a responsibility that must be maintained. If he fails to maintain that love, of course he has tarnished the meaning of true love.

3. Often gives unexpected surprises to people he loves
Who says not romantic guys can't be romantic too. Of course, I can. It's just that the romantic soul appears not every time. Men aren't romantic full of unique surprises. With his sometimes cold and indifferent attitude they can surprise his partner with a surprise that can make the couple love him more.

4. Although not visible. But very much attention to the person he loves

Men who are not romantic are often considered too ignorant. Even though they always pay attention to their loved ones. It's just in a different form. Not by always asking for whereabouts and too restraining. But by giving freedom and of course with little attention. So it does seem cool, rope, believe me they always pay attention to you , ladies.

5. Always accept mistakes and improve yourself every day

Not stubborn and willing to accept mistakes. That's the next special thing that isn't romantic. Do not impose the will and prefer legowo and are willing to improve themselves if they make mistakes with the person he loves. This is indeed done without sweet promises.

6. Not good at lying

Even though it's not romantic, don't doubt the honesty of this type of guy. Men who are not romantic are very difficult to lie to the person he loves. He prefers what he is and be as honest as possible. Because for men not romantic, honest is the absolute thing that must be done. Even if it's not honest, the signal will be clearly and easily known.

7. Always exists and helps when there are problems

Whenever a loved one needs help. Men who are not romantic are the ones who are the most helpful and always there to help. So do not underestimate the disharmony. Try to look at sincerity in helping it.

That's the positive side and also the plus point of a guy who isn't romantic. Even though it's not romantic, it turns out he has something special in him. So, is your guy romantic or not, girls?