9 Solid Matches by Olivia Jensen, Casual with Character!
Cari Berita

9 Solid Matches by Olivia Jensen, Casual with Character!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Olivia Lubis Jensen is a Danish-born actress on April 11, 1993. She began her keartisan career in 2009 through a feature film titled Ordinary Love.

Olivia Jensen is famous for her sweet and cute posture and face. This Danish-Batak-descent artist always looks beautiful and charming in every appearance. For your reference, let's take a look at a solid idea in the style of Olivia Jensen.

1. Charming with black midi dress, sneakers and blazer, Olivia chooses her hair so that it looks fresh on her appearance

2. Really cool, this combination of yellow mini dress with gray sweater is simple but fashionable!

3. Blending between black cut jeans with royal blue sabrina blouse ala Olivia makes your appearance elegant but also cute, also use flatshoes so that it will be more comfortable!

4. Outerwear is indeed a savior of fashion for girls, a blend of orange culottes, gray inner and gray cardigans just like this is already very cool for you, the fashionable girl!

5. Want to be fashionable for office or college? Just mix the brown raffle mini skirt with this cute white blouse in Olivia's style, cool!

6. For dinner with your partner, this black midi-style Olivia dress makes you look elegant, also use some accessories such as rings or earrings to make your appearance more eye catching.

7. Or you can also combine black mini dress with sequined vape so that your appearance becomes luxurious and elegant for the occasion

8. The use of this purple and batik combination dress is also no less sweet for your daily outfit, don't forget to use your favorite handbag huh!

9. Casual but with character, a combination of A-line maxi dress, inner and leather jacket is really cool!

That was a solid row of clothes for Olivia Lubis Jensen's sweet outfit, where are you interested in? Girls?