Although considered trivial, these are 5 advantages of marking your menstrual cycle
Cari Berita

Although considered trivial, these are 5 advantages of marking your menstrual cycle

Friday, December 28, 2018

As a woman, menstruation is certainly not a stranger and every month the menstrual cycle always occurs. Menstruation is the process of releasing blood tissue because fertilization does not occur or there is no meeting between the egg cell and sperm cells. Well, you should always mark this menstrual cycle every month because you will get these five benefits!
1. Surely you can anticipate unwanted leaks
When you know when you will be menstruating, you will certainly be better prepared for things that are not desirable like leaks. But when you don't know your own menstrual cycle, surely during menstruation a leak can occur because you don't prepare sanitary napkins. So, better than now, mark when your menstrual cycle comes so that you better prepare for this in the future.
2. You can prepare the PMS period well which might bother you
The next benefit that you will feel is that you can anticipate the occurrence of disturbing STDs. When you know when menstruation will automatically you will prepare everything when PMS includes drinking lots of water or reducing junk food for example. Because PMS not only interferes with activity but also can cause considerable pain for some women.
3. Of course the menstrual cycle that you mark will be able to estimate your fertile period
By knowing your menstrual cycle, of course you will also know when your fertile period lasts. Usually a woman's fertile period is 12-16 days from the first day of menstruation. Well of course this will be very beneficial for those of you who want to get pregnant soon and are in a pregnant program. So, don't underestimate the menstrual cycle, because it has many benefits.
4. You will easily calculate gestational age
When you know your menstrual cycle, of course you will be easier to calculate gestational age and can predict when you will give birth. The last day of menstruation is usually the first pregnancy day for a woman whose menstrual cycle is about 28 days. Surely the last menstrual day and added 40 weeks (9 months) can be your labor day.
5. Thanks to the menstrual cycle, the diseases or problems surrounding menstruation you will know earlier
By knowing when you are menstruating, you will find it easier to find out if there are problems or disorders in your menstrual cycle. For example, your menstrual schedule is not in accordance with the time it might be, so your body is in a bad condition. So, you will get many benefits by marking your menstrual schedule. Now, from now on, care more about your menstrual schedule so that all unwanted problems can be minimized!