Although Looks Cool, These 7 Signs Prove Your Guy Is Very Faithful
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Although Looks Cool, These 7 Signs Prove Your Guy Is Very Faithful

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

When your guy starts acting cool, that doesn't mean he doesn't care anymore. Maybe he is concentrating on something else, which is not in your capacity to participate in it. As someone who knows more about the situation, you certainly can understand this right? After all, he is still there for you even though at certain times you feel less attention.

Through some of the signs below, you don't need to worry anymore about the loyalty of your guy even though he looks cool. If he has some of these signs, he can be said to be loyal

1. He is open about anything with you, this is the basic capital for you to trust him more

As long as it doesn't start to look cold or ignore, its ignorance is probably just because of your feelings. This is fairly reasonable, especially if your guy is the type of person who is less romantic. To make you trust him more, make sure that nothing is hidden with you. When he is used to being open about himself, you know what he is really doing for what and for whose sake.

2. Even though you have many female friends, he understands boundaries and knows how to take care of your feelings

Everyone needs to socialize with other people, so does your guy. When he or she is presenting his behavior changes or starts avoiding you because of another girl, avoid thinking things first if you don't know the cause. When he can take care of your feelings by knowing the limits, it's a sign that he can keep your feelings and be loyal.

3. He really looks cool when compared to other guys, but secretly he knows better what you need

You are probably the one who often preaches it, but this is not an absolute sign if your guy is no longer paying attention. If there is something important that you really need, he will be number one to reach out. Even though he is busy with various activities, he will also be there when you need support. Behind his anger, he knows better what you need.

4. He has a good attitude and morality in treating others, as well as with you

Men who are loyal will respect themselves and of course their partners. One sign is when your guy has a polite manner, behaves well towards others. He won't do things that will make you feel bad. He can also hold his words, this is another sign that your guy is truly loyal.

5. Even though there are many that attract his attention, you are always the only one

There are times when your guy will be attracted or tempted by another girl. But in the end, it's always you who is his home to go home. Gradually he will also realize that indeed you are the best and no one can replace it. So when you and he have a problem, you will come back to each other again. For him, only you can understand it intact.

6. The closest person knows you, he is proud and often tells you about them

The people closest to your guy know you well. Both his family and his friends all know you. He also often tells them about you. This indirectly indicates that he is proud of you. Don't hesitate with sincerity if you are like this, you could say he will be loyal to you.

7. He has emotional maturity as well as an okay communication style

To minimize misunderstandings, he must at least have a good communication style; not quickly ignited and able to compensate for the communication style you have. The more you connect when talking to him, the more likely you are to avoid useless arguments. This is also a sign that your relationship will be fine, whatever is the problem .

Those are some signs that show your guy will be loyal. So there's no need to worry anymore when he looks cool.