Are You Affected? Do These 9 Things For Couples to Recognize and Penance
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Are You Affected? Do These 9 Things For Couples to Recognize and Penance

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Have you ever met an interesting stranger in a public place? Then, everything ends by looking at him from afar and he leaves without a trace? Well, what a shame! Why don't you just get acquainted with contacts? Who knows, from the crush, it will become a match! So let me not regret it for the second time, let's vent to acquaintances. Here are five unique ways to get acquainted with gebetan in public places!

 1. When in a supermarket, try to find a product that is unfamiliar to you or has a unique content. Then, ask him When the crush is not far from you, hurry up you are looking for a new product or that has a unique content in it. If you are a girl, you can ask her to get food on the highest shelf. If you find that your request cannot be fulfilled, laugh and continue with the conversation. Can you ask, "Are you looking for / like cereal too?" or the like.

 2. When you're at the gym, ask how to use certain tools or you can pretend you want to turn using the machine he uses The number of machines or sports equipment in the gym, often makes you confused to operate it. But, this is the gap to get to know him. Apart from asking for how to use, you can ask for advice on normal speed or load. You can also ask for the standard he usually uses to form the desired posture.

3. When eating in a restaurant, order a snack and give it to the table. Just say if the restaurant is giving free for you and for him This is very effective if he is alone or with similar friends. After receiving the snack, switch to the table. Tell if the snack is free or the sample is given to the customer. You will receive a plus if he is willing to eat at the same table and starts telling you the taste of the food he enjoys.

4. Wow, there's a happy barista in your favorite cafe! Pretending wrong ordered two of the same coffee, it could be an opportunity to chat with him After two cups / cups of coffee arrive at your table, let the barista return to his place first. After a bit of calm, pretend to complain to him until he explains the details of your order. Instead of feeling embarrassed, you can ask for help to spend the coffee on your desk for reasons not strong enough to spend on your own.

5. The person appears in your favorite bookstore & holds a book you've read. There's nothing wrong with approaching & giving recommendations right? A really good moment if you find it with a book that has been read. Try approaching him and saying, "Brother / Ma'am / Ma'am want to buy this book? Very good, you know! Guaranteed not to regret buying it!". After that, he will definitely launch some related questions. But, it is different if you have never read the book that you are carrying. Better, you approach it with a mode asking whether the book is recommended or not. Actually, it's easy right? There are five unique ways to get acquainted with gebetan in public places. Easy, right? Remember! No matter how easy it is, all will not work if you don't start with courage and intention. Good luck!