Avoid These 6 Things When Making Friends with Girls A Blood Type
Cari Berita

Avoid These 6 Things When Making Friends with Girls A Blood Type

Friday, December 21, 2018

Girls with blood type A often get complicated and perfectionist labels. You could say, they are indeed more thorough and sensitive to the circumstances around them. You who are friends with blood type A owners feel this way or not?

Although impressed seriously, a girl with blood A is a good and loving friend. To maintain your friendship, don't ever do the six things below yes to girl A. It can make her uncomfortable until she is disappointed

1. Examine it excessively

Many people are amazed by the personality of a bloody girl A. They are meticulous, responsible and patient figures. But don't overestimate his good attitude.

That makes it uncomfortable and feels anxious. He felt responsible for the praise he received. There is fear that one day doing wrong or disappointing someone who praises.

2. Forcing to tell the problem at hand

Unlike the B girl who is more open to other people, A bleeding girl tends to be closed. He prefers to save his own problems, only will tell when he is ready.
So, never force him to tell about the problem at hand. Not that you don't believe in you as a friend, he just needs to calm himself down.

3. Excessive when joking

Be careful when joking with a bloody girl A. They are sensitive and sensitive people. You will not really know whether your joke content is pleasing to his heart.

A girl is more serious about everything. To tell which jokes don't just make them confused. So never make it joke or make it embarrassed in public.

4. Ignore it while being together

A loyal and loving type of friend, this is the image that is attached to a bloody girl A. If you are already in the circle of his closest friendship, he will always try to accompany and help you.

The one thing that A girl is afraid of being friends with, she doesn't want to be ignored. Afraid that his friend would find another more interesting figure and then he was left behind. Not drama, the nature of feeling that makes it so loyal.

5. Lying though about trivia

A bloody girl is the most anti cheated, no matter how small the reason. Once you are caught lying, it takes a big effort to get his trust back.

But there is one lie that won't upset A girl. When friends prepare a surprise for him, he will be very impressed and grateful.

6. Invite to travel without a plan

Bloody A's perfectionist attitude is clearly visible in her daily life. He is very disciplined and neat, his daily activities are well planned. Therefore, calculate carefully if you want to invite him to travel.

Appreciate his discipline by asking first if he wants to join or not. Don't make it forced to come along and not be comfortable throughout the event.

Now, do you understand the personality of a bloody girl? It's not difficult to be a good friend for them, be careful enough in speaking and always appreciate their existence.