Do you know? These are the 6 Weaknesses of Women Who Make It Special
Cari Berita

Do you know? These are the 6 Weaknesses of Women Who Make It Special

Friday, December 28, 2018

Women are created with special features. Endowed with a generous heart and deep emotional sensitivity, making a woman grow with extraordinary toughness.

Often considered too good to be easily hurt, women sometimes appear to be weak. But without realizing it, it is precisely from the weakness that is stored that feature is so perfect. Therefore women deserve to be loved with all their heart. Here's the review.

1. It's easy to trust people who aren't too familiar

Women always think that everyone is a good person that makes them easy to believe. Of course positive thinking is a good thing. But sometimes it is difficult for him to distinguish between the original good and which ones are just pretending. This makes it wrong to give trust to others. Even in the man he just knew.

2. Easily hope for people who do not necessarily belong to them later

Women easily put hope in men who they think are good. Sometimes with just one kindness, women can easily drop their hopes easily. Though not necessarily the person is really interested in him, as if forgetting that sometimes men can just give special treatment without even using feelings.

3. It's easy to forgive even though it's often disappointed

Even women easily forgive people who clearly intentionally repeat the same mistakes. Women always think that apology is a symbol of remorse for not repeating it later.

Of course it's not absolutely so. Easy to forgive is good, but if something goes wrong and the same person, surely he is only used. Really hearty!

4. Too good for people who actually use it

Women really feel. His heart is very soft. Although he looks angry and weak, but his heart always doesn't hold on. Especially if it deals with the person he loves. He is sometimes willing to do anything so that the person he loves is happy. But sometimes he is too overreach so he cannot distinguish whether he is too good or has already been used.

5. Too loyal even though it has been hurt by the person he loves

If it is dear, the loyalty of women need not be doubted. Whatever will happen, and even if he is hurt, he will survive. Either made from what a woman's heart is. Even a deep disappointment did not shake him even though he was hurt by the person he loved. Even to retreat he would think of it a thousand times.

6. Too often uses feelings to act

It is common knowledge that women overuse feelings when acting. Even if the logic dies if it deals with the person he loves. So sincere, women are often disappointed and hurt. But it's great, as if women never give up to love wholeheartedly again. It's true that a woman is great!

That is the weakness of a woman who is easily touched by her heart. But behind it all, it is precisely his heart that is a gift from God that makes him strong and a special creature. Love your woman with sincerity, don't hurt!