Here Are The 6 Basic Tips When You Use Dry Shampoo, Practically full!
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Here Are The 6 Basic Tips When You Use Dry Shampoo, Practically full!

Sunday, December 23, 2018

As you know, shampoo products don't only come in one kind. In addition to the type of shampoo that is usually used to wet the hair first, there are also dry shampoos that you can use in dry hair. Not as a substitute for regular shampoo, dry shampoo is generally only used to reduce oil in the hair. This product is also used for styling your hair to make it look volume when you don't have time to shampoo.

Even though it seems simple and practical because you don't have to wet your hair first, using dry shampoo shouldn't be the same. At least you know the rules of use. Here you know, 6 basic tips for using dry shampoo that should not be forgotten.

1. Spray evenly, not just one part

Even though there is one part of the hair with the most oil content, you should not only spray dry shampoo on that part. Start from the part that feels the most oily. But after that, don't forget to spray evenly. Not only increases hair volume, dry shampoo also makes hair braided or bun look even more charming.

2. Avoid spraying on wet hair

Like its function, dry shampoo is an alternative when you want hair to look shaky when you don't have time to shampoo. Therefore, using dry shampoo in wet hair should be avoided. If you remain reckless, the dry shampoo powder that is sprayed on your hair will accumulate and clump. This certainly will make your hair look less pleasing to the eye.

3. Give enough distance when spraying dry shampoo

The distance between the head and dry shampoo when you want to spray it should not be underestimated. At least you have to give a distance of about 15 to 25 centimeters. The reason is because the distance that is too close will make the powder in the dry shampooclot and not work effectively. With the right distance and not too close, the results will be more satisfying, of course.

4. Allow a few minutes until you succeed in reducing the excess oil

Don't panic when you see the powder from the dry shampoo product you are using. Powder such as powder can reduce the oil content in the hair. Spray evenly and wait for about one to two minutes. If you have waited a while, you can just continue to the next step, which is the process of sweeping hair.

5. Trim it with a comb or hairbrush
It is very important for you to comb your hair after spraying dry shampoo on the hair area. Tools that you can use as in general, namely combs. In addition, you can comb using a special brush for hair. Sweeping is done so that dry shampoo powder is evenly distributed or in other words, not only gathered at one point.

6. Gently massage the head area with clean fingers

After combing with a comb or hairbrush, you can also massage the head area. Gently massage your head so that the oil in your hair is absorbed more. Don't forget to make sure that your fingers are washed. After doing a massage, you can comb your hair to look neat again.

That's the basics that must be considered when you want to try dry shampoo . Keep in mind that dry shampoo is only an alternative to make hair look okay, when you don't have time to shampoo. However, to clean the scalp, you should still shampoo with the type of shampoo you usually use.