Like the worst enemy, these 6 zodiacs don't want to be friends with their ex
Cari Berita

Like the worst enemy, these 6 zodiacs don't want to be friends with their ex

Sunday, December 30, 2018

There are many ways that someone who has just experienced a breakup with his girlfriend will do it. Some accept it gracefully and make it part of the journey of life, but some are angry because they feel disappointed to think of their ex-lover as an enemy like the following zodiac.

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1. Aquarius

After breaking up with her lover, Aquarius will become a passive figure and won't care about his ex-lover anymore. For Aquarius friends with ex will only cause pain in his heart. Therefore the owners of this zodiac prefer to focus on the future and forget the past.

2. Capricorn

Known as a zodiac that will never be able to forgive someone who has hurt him, making Capricorn not want to make friends after parting with his lover.

Initially they loved each other very deeply but after breaking up would be enemies who hated each other each other was a common sight of the zodiac love life of Capricorn.

3. Scorpio

His figure who is known to be very jealous makes Scorpio difficult to establish friendships with his ex. This is because he still will feel jealous of whatever is done by a lover who is already a former status.

Even Scorpio, who is also considered a zodiac full of passion and very good quality, feels no interest in establishing new love with others.

4. Leo

Leo, who is basically very adored, won't accept it if his ex-lover adores his new lover. In addition, the stubbornness that he has also makes him no longer want to be friends or even know his ex. Mistake of the lover which resulted in the love relationship must end will not be easy can Leo forget.

5. Aries

As a competitive zodiac, Aries feels that she is not interested in making friends with her ex because she will regard her ex as a rival she must defeat.

As if taking revenge, Aries will try various ways to become a winner because it looks fine after the breakup.

6. Taurus

Taurus is known as a selfish zodiac because he always feels he is the most righteous and does not want to budge. So, it can be ascertained that this zodiac will assume that his mantle is guilty because the cause of the love affair between them must end.

Feeling a victim, of course Taurus will never want to be friends with his ex.

Well, that is the zodiac that can never be friends with his ex-lover. That should not happen considering there was love between them.