No need to panic! These are 6 Quiet and Comfortable Childbirth Tips
Cari Berita

No need to panic! These are 6 Quiet and Comfortable Childbirth Tips

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Prospective mothers certainly crave a quiet, comfortable and pleasant labor process. Without shouting, injections of drugs here and there, many even end up giving birth by Caesarean section. Not that the way of surgery is wrong and is not perfect for mothers. But sometimes there are still many prospective mothers who want a calm and comfortable labor but are lazy to empower themselves. There are 6 tips for giving birth calmly and comfortably:

1. Positive affirmations

Everyone is able to control his subconscious by always affirming positively himself as well as the fetus in his womb. The habit of saying and thinking positive things can change our mindset about labor. What we often hear is that labor is painful, we change it with always positive affirmations to ourselves and the fetus that labor is a process of meeting between mother and child that must be celebrated with joy and love. These are examples of positive affirmations while pregnant and leading to labor time:

me, my heart, my husband, physically and mentally healthymy birth is safe, healthy, natural, safe, comfortable and pleasantmy baby was born easilymy asi is sufficient and smoothevery wave of love comes I smile and happy because soon I will meet my babyI'm happy to be reborn as a motherand other examples

Good affirmations are done every day so that it is embedded in the mind that giving birth is fun. Choose the most comfortable time, can at night before going to bed, or after each prayer service because positive affirmations can be a prayer.

2. Respiratory training

One of the keys to calm when giving birth is when you can catch your breath. To be able to regulate this breath, routine and repetitive exercises are needed. Therefore many who can give birth without pushing enough to manage the baby's breath out safely.

3. Regularly use a birthing ball

Exercising with birthingball is very beneficial for mothers before giving birth or after childbirth. Playing it is not just any, many procedures for using it on YouTube. Some of the benefits of playing birthing ball include:

flex prenieum so that it reduces the risk of tearsreduce back pain when the burden on the stomach gets biggerposition the fetus at optimalmake the fetus more pressing the exitand other benefits

4. Yoga

Yoga is one sport that is highly recommended when pregnant. Because this sport includes lightness that can be done by everyone. Many clinics or hospitals have held yoga training for pregnant women. And there are also many yoga practitioners who give instructions for doing pregnant yoga. In addition to flexing the body, yoga can also train breathing. If you want to practice yoga at home you can, there are many on YouTube yoga movements that are easy to do. So there is no reason to be lazy to exercise, because we can still yoga at home and anytime.

5. Read books and articles about pregnancy and childbirth

Being a mother and prospective mother we need a lot of up to date information. So as not to surrender just what 'he said'. Many read sources of knowledge both from books and articles. Makes us more aware and ready to give birth naturally, safely, calmly and pleasantly.

6. Walk

Walking is very important for third trimester pregnant women who are preparing to give birth. Do walking just 2 hours a day. With regular walking, there will be many benefits felt.

opening the hips wider to facilitate later laborprocessing breathing rhythmsstrengthen the muscles so that later when giving birth our muscles are strongthrow away the saturation of big pregnant women because they can get around looking for fresh air

To get a birth that has minimal trauma other than prayer, it also needs to be accompanied by empowering yourself, how come we are prepared to welcome the baby?