Saski Primasari, Great Woman Behind the Vintage Kitchen Equipment Business
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Saski Primasari, Great Woman Behind the Vintage Kitchen Equipment Business

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Starting from that light conversation, Saski Primasari and Meida Damayanti began to build a joint business.

His love for the interior world made Saski want to study in the field. However, God has other plans so Saski does not have the opportunity to study in the interior. Then he decided to major in International Relations in Bandung and pursue a master's degree in International Business in Australia.

This didn't seem to make Saski stop liking the interior. In his career, Saski had a desire to work at IKEA. After several years working at FedEx, Saski finally got the opportunity to pursue a career at IKEA TRADING, Jakarta. This is where Saski learned a lot about the interior world, starting from the supply chain , the production of goods to distributing the goods to retail. In addition, his business trip to Sweden, made him often visit Meida's house who had lived there since college.

1. Starting from the same love for everything related to home, Saski and his best friend started this Ruma manis

Friendly since sitting in high school with Meida, making Saski sure that Meida is the right partner to do business. Even though he has a background in fashion , Meida also has the same love for home accessories. So it created Ruma Manis, a brand that sold furniture in 2010. At that time, Saski had decided to resign from IKEA after three years of work because of his desire to be closer to her husband in Surabaya.

2. The first product of Ruma Manis is a chair and table

At the beginning of its establishment in 2011, Ruma Manis sells other home furniture, tables, chairs and furniture. No wonder if the logo was shaped like a vintage chair . However, the sale of this furniture is not as easy as Saski imagined. Competitors who already have a store are certainly more trustworthy for customers, compared to brands that only sell online like Ruma Manis.

3. Failing with furniture products , Saski turned to kitchen knick-knacks

After a year of exploring furniture products , Saski and Meida tried to sell home accessories such as plates and tea cups .

Incidentally, the two of them also included collecting vintagecups . And at the beginning of 2012, beautiful trends were trending in Jakarta and Instagram just entered Indonesia. That's where Saski tries to take advantage of the moment and use Instagram social media as a marketing tool. As a result, this product sells well to be able to bring in 300 to 400 tea cupsin 2 months. Yes, at that time the products of Ruma Manis had not yet produced themselves and were still imported from Amsterdam via Meida. Because the shipping line takes a long time, Saski must calculate that the stock can be sufficient for the next 3 months.

4. Start launching the first collection in 2013

Ruma Manis became known to the public when Sarah Sechan, the top presenter, bought the product. Almost every time there is a new collection, Sarah must buy and upload it on her Instagram account. Since then, the followers ofRuma Manis are increasing. So that in 2013, Saski ventured to launch directly the first collection of Ruma Manis at Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace, Jakarta. It turns out that all customers want to come and are very happy with the launching event.

5. Ruma Manis products are made by local craftsmen spread across Java

The production of Ruma Manis items is made by local craftsmen from East Java, Central Java and West Java. Saski divided the craftsmen according to the techniques they mastered. If the craftsmen master the carving technique, Saski will provide the design and concept of the kitchen set in the form of carvings. Meanwhile, if the craftsmen master hand painting techniques , Saski will also provide a similar design. In production this seems to require a process that is not easy. To match the color, material and shape only takes 3 to 4 months. So Saski decided to launch a new product every 6 months.

6. Collaborating with renowned illustrators is one of Saski's ways to attract new customers

This Ruma Manis product is classified as a tertiary product, so that not every month people will come to buy it. In overcoming this problem, Saski continued to innovate by releasing new collections and collaborating with several illustrators. Among them are Katherine Karnadi who collaborated through textile products Ruma Manis and Ayang Cempaka who also helped Saski in making the new Ruma Manis logo. In addition, Saski also has a target to get new customers every month. Because old customers will return by themselves if they are in need of a kitchen set .

7. Business with friends is not a problem, provided you are open to each other

Living a business with a friend doesn't make Saski afraid that he will damage his relationship with Meida. They have known for a long time and have had their respective duties. Media has the duty to conceptualize and design Ruma Manis products, while Saski regulates production, marketing and financial issues. Long distance also does not become an obstacle for them to keep working together. Every weekend they always make themselves available for meetings or just chat leisurely. In addition, if there is a problem they always talk about it well and find a solution together.

8. " Millennials are too happy in the comfort zone"

According to Saski, if you want to start a business, dare to get out of your comfort zone. Someone must be brave enough to crash mentally, so that the mental strengthened. Never be afraid of being wrong to start something and continue to be consistent. If you have 9 hours to work, use your time to make work or something useful. You will only get learning when you are not comfortable. It's just that if you feel comfortable, the lessons learned are only a little, right?

As women, we must continue to be creative and work. Also, never be afraid to meet new people. Because you will find new lessons from whoever you meet. In addition, confidence will also increase if you often meet people. So, are you ready to start your business now?