Starting from Yourself, 5 Simple Resolutions for You in 2019
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Starting from Yourself, 5 Simple Resolutions for You in 2019

Friday, December 21, 2018

The new year is in sight, less than two weeks will enter 2019. For the new year, people will usually review a year back while preparing for next year's resolution.

Speaking of resolutions, everyone must prepare the best plan. But many also fail because the resolution standard is too high. Not until the end of the year, the prepared resolution had failed miserably.

Actually it's okay if you want to make a spectacular resolution that is spectacular, but it's not wrong if you want to make a resolution with a smaller scale or simple.

For guidance, here are some resolutions that you can try for 2019, starting with simple things.

1. If 2018 is busy with yourself, next year,
let's gather more often with family

In 2018 you may be very busy with yourself, for example joining a campus organization or working late like a horse in the office. It's really rare to have quality time with family because after arriving home you go straight into the room and sleep.

Well, next year, spend more of your time with family. Try to remember, when was the last time you chatted casually with father and mother, or treat them to eat out.

Simple things like that have their own meaning for parents. Don't be too cool with your world, but also give attention to the people at home.

2. Instead of playing social media, try to find a place for courses that can add to your skills

Nowadays everything is instant, especially since there are internet and smartphones . It feels like the hand can't escape from the cellphone even if it's just checking social media or meeting in the WhatsApp group .

Instead of bullying it does n't work, next year, try to find a place to add your skills . For example, tutoring foreign languages, music or anything that can increase your ability.

In addition to making your quality better, your days also feel more productive. Interested in trying?

3. To be healthier, start exercising next year. Jogging around the house is cool too

This year you can be lazy, but next year it's time to start exercising. Don't bother to go to the gym with exorbitant member fees, just start jogging around the house complex.

For the sake of your own good, let's diligently exercise so that your old age is not easy for your back pain. Just remember the old saying, in a healthy body, there is a strong soul.

4. If this year still likes to complain, next year let's learn to give thanks

Here he is a case that is difficult to do easily, namely thankful. In pleasant conditions, being grateful is easy, but when things are difficult, it feels very difficult.

Next year, let's learn to be grateful even if you experience a bad situation. Start training your heart to give thanks for even the smallest thing.

 5. Smile often, so that your day feels warm and more uplifting

The last is to smile. So that your heart is always warm and upbeat, smile often. But smiling must also be in place so that you don't say that you're familiar.

Cheap smiles can make your day feel different, besides giving free impact to others. Simply put, you will be remembered as a simple and humble person.

Don't need to make a big decision next year. Although simple, the end result will feel great for you, or for others.