These are 5 reasons you don't need to be complacent with end-of-year spending euphoria
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These are 5 reasons you don't need to be complacent with end-of-year spending euphoria

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Do you still remember the euphoria of the big Harbolnas discount   (National Online Shopping Day) yesterday? The Indonesian people occupied themselves by looking for low-priced items at that time and felt that they had to get it.

In fact, it is not uncommon if they also buy items that they don't need, you know. Because, they have been sedated with advertisements installed on online shopping applications that are designed as attractive as possible and raise the public's intention to immediately buy them.

However, you need to know the gang. You don't have to use your wallet to shop online on a large scale. Because the happiness you get from shopping, is only temporary.

Why can't we fall asleep with the phenomenon of year-end shopping on a large scale?

1. Believe me, consumptive nature is not part of the determinant of happiness

Actually, there's nothing wrong with shopping. However, some people feel that shopping can increase happiness.
In fact, the happiness that is felt is only apparent. When the money you have has run out, you will feel a considerable impact from excessive shopping.

2.The  Advertisements that are installed on social media are designed to make consumers tempted

In the sales system, there must be certain targets so that the goods can be used up quickly. Well, the function of attractive ads will actually only attract your mind to keep buying, buying, and buying.

Whereas, you don't need the item at that time. However, you are already interested in advertising that attracts the hearts and eyes of consumers.

Remember, regret comes at the end. Don't waste the contents of your wallet just to shop in full.

3. Many people are not aware that happiness is always associated with things

Some people have expectations, that when we buy an object that we like or that we think is trending, we will feel happy.

Meanwhile, you don't necessarily need it yourself. You just want to buy it. For example, you will feel happy when you have the latest mobile phone. So, you bought it right away. Then your latest mobile phone falls from a height of 24 cm.

Finally you panic, you are afraid if the object is scratched or scratched. In fact, the object is already equipped with a scratch-resistant case, so it is not possible for the object to experience scratches despite falling.

What causes you to panic? That's because you have bonded with an object. And when the object is damaged, your happiness seems to disappear instantly.

4. Realize where is your natural resources

When you are addicted to shopping, you will definitely not be able to prevent your desire to open a shopping application.

Therefore, when there is a product launch or a current well-known brand, the manufacturer will bring up your expectations so that you immediately buy the product and create its own sensation.

So, don't think that your happiness comes from these consumptive activities huh!

5. Make simple principles

Some people say that happiness is simple. That statement is really gang.

Start by making simple principles that you can certainly apply easily to your lifestyle, huh. For example, you will feel happy when you have greater gratitude.

Thus, your happiness will not depend on large-scale shopping activities which only temporarily satisfy themselves.

With this principle too, you will reduce the routine of snooping on online shopping applications which will continually cause the sensation of wanting to continue buying.

After knowing the reason why you don't need to be lulled by euphoria while above, what will you do with the contents of your wallet later this year?