5 behaviors that are a sign that you are too unstable as a girl
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5 behaviors that are a sign that you are too unstable as a girl

Monday, January 14, 2019

Many people say that girl is a troublemaker. Which means it is hooked once for everything. Including in making choices, girls can think for a long time. The problem is, this confusion is certainly different with unstable. Which one do you think about?

Here are 5 habits that are a sign that you are a labile girl. Try to check, don't you think so?

1. Very ambitious to buy something, but regret after buying it

Have you ever been so eager to buy something but regret later? A change in feeling that is so drastic is a sign that you are an unstable girl. Learn to hold your appetite for a moment that often arises and recognize the feelings you have.

2. You are cranky just to get attention

The sign is that your feelings aren't strong enough even though no one is paying attention. You have to remember that other people don't have the responsibility to always take care of your feelings. You are in charge of doing it and you have to accept it or not. Don't habit like imposing will, gues!

3. You tend to be very sensitive and spoiled

You are very easy to cry or take offense for trivial things, or even very angry for a very small mistake. The feeling of weakness will only make you tired yourself. Try to accept that not everything you want is sure to happen and be strong.

4. You say love with your partner but can still spread charm with other guys

Unstable girls will fail to maintain their feelings. In fact, you are not really in love with your partner so you can easily open opportunities for other parties. You who are experiencing this, don't let you regret it later!

5. You are very excessive when it comes to your feelings

You like to exaggerate things that are actually normal. Especially if it's about your feelings, you will consider it very important and other people should also consider it. The baper is okay, but don't overdo it and eventually make you too fragile.

If you have all the traits above, don't get used to it and immediately turn into an adult. Your instability is not only able to make a guy not feel at home, but also not good for your character in the future, you know. The spirit is getting better, gues!