5 Benefits of Papaya for Skin Health, Not Just Delicious Eaten
Cari Berita

5 Benefits of Papaya for Skin Health, Not Just Delicious Eaten

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Do you like to eat papaya? This orange fruit with sweet taste and soft texture has many health benefits. Its high fiber content nourishes digestion and is suitable for weight loss programs.

In addition, the content of vitamins and protein in papaya is also effective in maintaining healthy skin. Can be used as natural ingredients instead of beauty products. The benefits are not playful, from eradicating zits to overcoming cracked skin.

Check out the five properties of papaya for skin health below. There is a way to make a mask too, you know!

1. Brighten skin color

Natural Vitamin C is believed to be effective in helping to brighten skin that is often exposed to sunlight and disguises dull stains. Although the levels are not as high as oranges, vitamin C in papaya also has similar properties.

You can make a face mask from native papaya. The method is very easy, just puree the papaya fruit to taste with the help of a spoon. Apply evenly over the entire skin and let it dry.

This mask can also be used for the skin of the neck, hands and feet. Its efficacy is more effective than beauty products on the market that contain papaya extract.

2. Maintain skin moisture

Papaya is a group of fruit with high water content. Regular consumption can help our body avoid fluid deficiency. Certainly it must be balanced with sufficient water intake.

Apart from being consumed, this benefit can also be obtained through papaya masks. The way to make it is the same as above, then add a little honey which is equally efficacious in keeping the skin moist.

3. Relieve pain due to acne

There are several types of pimples that cause a sense of pain and make it uncomfortable. Usually until it swells with a reddish color, or there is a white spot in the middle.

Well, papaya fruit can provide a cold sensation and reduce the feeling of ignorance. The method is very easy, cut the papaya fruit in an elongated shape and store it in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours.

Once it's cool enough, remove the papaya from the refrigerator and paste it on the face with acne. You can also press it a little or rub it in a circular motion. Do it regularly until the acne deflates

4. Shrink the pores of the facial skin and eradicate blackheads

In papaya fruit contains the enzyme papain which is usually used to soften the texture of the meat. But calm, this doesn't apply to the human body because our flesh is wrapped in skin.

The papain enzyme accelerates the exfoliation of dead skin cells, also softens the blackheads so that they are more easily out of the pores. After that, using a papaya mask will help close the pores so that the skin is smoother.

5. Smooth the soles of the feet cracked

Not only the skin of the face, the efficacy of papaya can also help overcome the cracked skin of the foot. Usually in the heel, cracks arise because of dry skin conditions and low moisture content.

Just like making a face mask, papaya that has been mashed and mixed with a little honey can be applied directly to the feet. Focus on the cracked leg skin and do it regularly.

Apparently not only delicious to eat and rich in nutrients, papaya fruit is very useful for skin health. Girls must try this, the natural content is guaranteed to be safer for the skin. Good luck!