5 Good Benefits If You Take Off Too Perfectionist Attitudes
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5 Good Benefits If You Take Off Too Perfectionist Attitudes

Friday, January 11, 2019

Have you ever wanted to do something perfectly without any defects? This is commonly known as perfectionism. Want work to be all perfect, generally someone who is too perfectionist will feel worried and feel guilty excessively when making mistakes in a job he does.

Well, do you feel familiar with this condition? Or even you are someone who is too perfectionist? Who would have thought that giving up perfectionism turned out to provide good benefits, you know. Here are 5 benefits that you will get when you dare to let go of perfectionism in life.

1. When you reduce your attitude too perfectionist, you focus on doing your best, not pursuing perfection

Who says reducing perfectionism means doing things carelessly? You can still do your best even though perfectionism has become your habit. When slowly overcoming it, you also have a new mindset that is to do something with the best effort, not with an obsession to pursue perfection.

2. The work will be completed much faster and the more things you can do

When you want to always do something perfectly, then you will take more time because you are constantly unsure. Conversely, letting go of perfectionism makes your work faster to complete. Besides that, another benefit that you can get is more work that you can do. Very profitable, right?

3. The mind will be much more relaxed because of the lack of anxiety if you make a mistake

There will be a feeling of anxiety approaching when you too want everything to be done perfectly. Whether for fear of making a mistake or for other reasons, the overly perfectionist nature is indeed a good idea to let go. With the choice of eliminating the tendency to always be perfect, your mind is guaranteed to be more relaxed and calm.

4. Become a person who is more courageous and willing to improve and learn from the mistakes you make

No longer feeling too worried if you make a mistake, the sign is that you have become a bolder figure. Rather than feeling excessive fear, you will be big-spirited to forgive mistakes rather than blaming yourself constantly. In addition, you are willing to improve and learn from the mistakes you have previously made.

5. Life will be much happier than when you still prioritize perfectionism

When you no longer prioritize perfectionism, you can feel the difference yourself. Your life must be a lot happier. You feel that because you have stopped being haunted by fear and anxiety due to the tendency to do everything with perfection.

That was 5 good benefits that you can get when you no longer make perfection a benchmark for something you are doing. How about it, guys ? Are you interested in giving up too perfectionist attitude?