5 Questions You Have to Answer After Disconnecting with Your Partner
Cari Berita

5 Questions You Have to Answer After Disconnecting with Your Partner

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Everyone must never want to break up with their partner, right? This is what makes a person feel hurt when they experience a breakup. Those times also became very difficult to pass. Everyone has a different time to get back up from that broken heart.

Well, so that you don't drag on with sadness due to a broken heart, answer this question. These questions will make you aware and faster to move on later.

1. What have you learned from the conflict faced?

Each relationship must have its own problems. This is a very natural thing. And the most important thing is how you deal with the problem. There is no right or wrong word, because everyone has their own way of dealing with a problem.

Even though the conflict doesn't end well, what have you learned from it? These mistakes will make you not repeat it again when you have a relationship again.

2. How do you feel about yourself when you are in a difficult situation?

What do you feel when facing the most difficult situation in your life? How do you look at yourself? Do you always turn on yourself, pretend to be fine or just want to be a loner?

Negative emotions will come along with conflict. This is what makes us think negatively on everything, including ourselves. In the future you can learn how to control those emotions and how to look at yourself when in difficult circumstances. So you can think more clearly later.

3. How to control this hurt?

This will certainly be the most difficult question to answer. How to be able to answer that is by loving yourself first. By loving yourself you will know more about who you are and know the right way to restore your heart. Also try doing meditation or selfcare to relax your mind, especially when you're feeling sad.

4. What positive things can you get after breaking up?

Some people feel angry, impression or even frustrated after breaking up with their partner. This happens because they always think negatively. Every problem must have wisdom behind it, so try to look from the other side.

It's okay to look back at your already broken relationship, as long as you see what is wrong with you, your partner or your relationship. After finding out what positive things can be taken, you will be more confident in having a new relationship later.

5. What will you change if you have the opportunity to repeat it again?

It takes two people to undergo a relationship and two people to end the relationship. Mistakes can also occur because these two people or can also be from outside influences.

Well, if you can go back to the past, will you repeat the same mistake? And what do you want to change? Because it's important for us to understand the wrong things, so it's easier to adjust to the future.

Those were the questions that you had to answer after breaking up. Find the right answers so you can move on faster and return to your day calmly.