5 Reasons Why You Don't Want to Go Out, Principles or Fates?
Cari Berita

5 Reasons Why You Don't Want to Go Out, Principles or Fates?

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Dating is an ordinary stage experienced by humans, especially at a young age and it's easy to fall in love. It doesn't feel like I'm going out in a young age. However, for some people, dating is not a top priority because there are many other things that are considered more important and useful.

If you are one of them, then these 5 reasons certainly make you still not going out.

1. Have not found the right person

One of the reasons you certainly are not meeting someone who you think is appropriate and right for you. Instead of having to make a wrong and unclear relationship, you better delay to open your heart to others.

2. Don't want to get involved in romance drama

In a love relationship, of course there is no denying that there is a conflict or a fight. That could be your reason for not dating right now, that is, you don't want to drag on the romance drama which is certainly endless.

3. Still not moving on from the previous relationship

Move on is not an easy matter, especially if the memories of the past often appear in the minds of our minds. Duh, you realize, failing to move on is one of the reasons you still don't want to open a new sheet.

4. Want a focus on education / work

It's cliche, but this is true. You really want to focus and prioritize and account for education or work that is before your eyes. Instead of spending time on love, you should chase deadlines first.

5. Want to be alone again

For whatever reason, in the end you just want to be alone for now. There is no intention to find your heart filler that is still empty. Not not wanting to open your heart to others, it's just that you don't want to be with anyone and choose to live independently.

Whatever reason you hold, actually everything still returns to your decision. Keep holding fast and hope your life will be better!