5 Reasons You Always Forgive Your Partner Even Always Harmed
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5 Reasons You Always Forgive Your Partner Even Always Harmed

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Why do you keep forgiving even though he keeps hurting you? This might be a question that often arises in your mind right now. Then, how will you explain and answer it?

One of the reasons why you persist and forgive him is because you still love him and hope that one day he will change. However, sometimes in loving someone you haveki to use your common sense and logic, don't just rely on your heart and feelings.

If you only rely on your heart, you will be blinded by love. So when he hurts you and persecutes you, you will always be able to forgive him. This is not a healthy love affair.

You need to think about why you continue to forgive him and stay with him even though he always hurts you. Here are some reasons why you continue to forgive even if you continue to be hurt by it.

1. You have forgotten with your pride

When you begin to lose your self-esteem, indirectly you also have lost the limits and understanding of what is with a healthy and right relationship. Dating and dealing with men who destroy you will only continue to drain your energy and self worth.

When he uses your generous nature, feelings, or heart, he will hold power over you that will make you crave for him. The greater control he has over your feelings and heart will only make you think that you are always needed and wanted by him.

Healthy relationships are always marked by a sense of giving and accepting each other. However, if he just keeps taking and never gives, your relationship is already unhealthy. If you always give without ever accepting, you have forgotten your pride.

2. You think with your heart is not with your head

This often happens, especially when you love him so much. Unhealthy relationships with men who damage you are usually characterized by volatile emotions. There will always be drama in your relationship, which can become a habit.

If you use your heart compared to your brain, you will think that hurting you is a concern for him and you continue to allow this because this is better than not being noticed at all, so you will continue to forgive him.

Most of the thoughts in your brain know that this is not true, but because you think with your heart, it successfully convinces yourself that the love you have for him is enough to be a reason to continue to be hurt and be able to forgive him.

3. You hope he will change

In your heart, you have hope that he will make changes and become better, but hope sometimes does not have a guarantee that is reliable and does not produce. With the hope that you have about him, it keeps you going.

It feels painful to stay away from someone you love, even though he always hurts you, you choose to survive. Don't rely on an expectation to get a better love relationship, but look at the reality that you experience about what love and relationships are healthy.

4. You love him more than you love yourself

Yes, you love him and this is clear, but loving someone who only damages your pride will not take you anywhere. If you love him more than you love yourself, it will make you do anything for him, even though it can hurt you.

In this situation, the best thing you can do is to grow a love for yourself with all your efforts so that you can permanently break away from this unhealthy relationship.

When the person you love sees that you have enough self-esteem and is ready to let go, it will actually give him a good example of what love is like and help him realize that he has no right to hurt you.

5. There is a feeling of fear in you to let go

It's hard to let go of someone and something you love so much, even if it's something wrong. The pain you experience and feel has made you comfortable because there is a feeling of fear in you to let go of yourself.

Love has risks, you don't know what will happen in your relationship. The most important thing is that you don't feel afraid to let go of your love, because you can be sure that you will get better.

You have the right to happiness and have the right to make your own choices. Even though you can't always choose what happens to you later, you can control your reaction to it.

You deserve to be in a happy, safe and peaceful relationship. Don't be afraid to take small steps and go to find a better love.