5 Simple Ways to Start a Minimalist Lifestyle
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5 Simple Ways to Start a Minimalist Lifestyle

Friday, January 4, 2019

Every year new people arrive at new resolutions. One that you can make resolution this year is by applying a minimalist lifestyle. Minimalist lifestyle is a simple lifestyle in contrast to the materialistic lifestyle that is all glamorous and excessive.

This lifestyle is now widely applied by young Japanese because it is not uncommon for a minimalist lifestyle to bring calm and happiness. Below are five simple ways to implement a minimalist lifestyle.

1. Clear items that have not been used

Minimalist lifestyle has the concept of less is more where having goods is slightly better than having a lot of things. The most important thing is that the item is the item that you really need. So, immediately trim your items that are really not used and give it to people who are more in need.

2. Focus on needs

Today there are many people who buy goods not because of necessity but because of prestige. As a result, a lot of stuff piled up. From now on, start focusing on buying things that are really needed. With so much of your monthly money will be left so you can save.

3. Enjoy something without excessive obsession

Today many people are obsessed with luxury ranging from bags, clothes to gadgets that must always be up to date in order to make them feel happy. Even though true happiness is not only in what is owned.

Therefore when you want certain items, think again whether you really need the item or just want it.

4. happiness does not lie only in matter

Abundant material, luxury goods is not a measure of happiness. Try changing your mindset by applying a minimalist life that you already have enough goods and no longer need to buy items that are not needed. Sometimes excessive items will only add to the burden both physically and emotionally.

5. The goods owned must be in accordance with the needs, not as a symbol of wealth

A minimalist lifestyle is not a life of all shortcomings but a way of life to not be bound to an item. Sometimes the items you have don't add to the quality of your life because what often happens is you buy things just to impress others. So by applying a minimalist lifestyle you show that many things are far more important than just an item.

So, are you ready to live a minimalist life this year?