5 Valuable Lessons You Can Learn from the Movie "Again and Again"
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5 Valuable Lessons You Can Learn from the Movie "Again and Again"

Thursday, January 10, 2019

January 10, 2019 is an awaited day for film lovers, especially fans of the comedian Ateng and Iskak. How come? A tribute film aimed at both titled "Again and Again" will be released first. Of course all are curious whether Ateng and Iskak's actions in the film will be as entertaining as old films or not.

But beyond entertaining, this film has many lessons, especially about the family. What are they? Come on, let's look at valuable lessons that you can learn from the following movie "Again and Again"!

1. How good is the difference in perspective and all the problems in the family are discussed with a cold head before sacrificing the baby

Problems that occur when you and your partner are still dating, of course different from the problem when you have a family. Especially if you already have a baby, the problems faced are even more new.

Therefore, whatever the conflict should be discussed with the couple together with a cold head. If only relying on emotion alone, inevitably the baby who accepts the risk.

2. Fellow brothers and sisters must help each other for family welfare. Even though it has different characters, it doesn't become an obstacle to unite

Having a family with more than one sibling, friction will often occur. It's a lie if you say never! Starting from simple friction such as fighting over things when they are small to complicated ones such as inheritance problems.

That can happen because of character differences. Understanding each other and being willing to yield can be one of the antidotes.

3. You can find as much money as possible and catch up on assets as hard as anything. But everything will be meaningless if enjoyed alone

For those who have watched the trailer of this film, surely they know the quote "As much as anything, as smart as it is, without our family we remain weak". This quote is true. If you are rich and able to spree, surely one day feel empty because you enjoy everything alone. If you are smart but can't be useful for others, everything will be useless.

4. In life, you cannot overcome all problems alone. Therefore, look for loyal friends who are willing & sincere to help you anytime

" That's what friend are for !" Approximately, this saying is right to describe the relationship between Ateng and Iskak from ancient times to the present. Both are inseparable and always help. Isaac is always patient with the spoiled Ateng. Even though the child he cared for was often stubborn, he was never upset and always tried to make Ateng a better person.

5. True sincere love will not be timeless. Although many obstacles face, his presence can still be felt in his heart

Believe me, that heart can't lie! Even though you are rich, respected, handsome, and can attract anyone, your mind will not just choose a life companion. If you force it, your heart will cause anxiety and discomfort all the time.

That's a valuable lesson that you can learn from the movie "Again and Again". Besides entertaining, it is touching right? When will you watch it? Invite the whole family, let's!