Based on the Zodiac, this is what makes your life complicated
Cari Berita

Based on the Zodiac, this is what makes your life complicated

Monday, January 14, 2019

Every sign in zodiac astrology has a side with properties that can be managed as well as the positive side.

There are many factors that can build a person's personality. We are a product of our past experiences and backgrounds. We can even experience changes throughout our lives.

But what if you have a complicated life? According to the zodiac, what is it that makes someone's life complicated?

1. Aries (easily angry and impulsive)

Aries is controlled by Mars, which shows that they have high instinctive energy and enthusiasm. Besides that, Aries has a competitive nature that leads to courage. They are strong, ambitious and create challenges in their lives.

Aries life is arguably complicated because Aries is considered a difficult zodiac in controlling her emotional strength. But their sensitive intuition makes it easy for them to understand others when hurt or offended by their behavior.

But on the bright side, Aries can be someone who is loving and willing to fight for the people they love.

2. Taurus (Stubborn and easily satisfied)

Taurus is a typical person who is mature and has the nature of stability, even calm. On the dark side, they are very angry easily. Even so, Taurus can be a good person, has a great deal of caring and positions themselves stably.

When a Taurus is betrayed, then his anger will easily overflow, which makes his life rather complicated. They are often considered stubborn because their symbol is bull.

3. Gemini (Plenary and not focused)

Gemini is on the planet Mercury and regulates most communication and thought. They tend to respect logic. Gemini easily underestimates others and is quite acting. What makes Gemini often considered complicated is because she has a high level of anxiety, even to the point of agitation. They also lacked an opinion because they were too fickle.

Gemini can manipulate and usually make people around them try to guess.

4. Cancer (Easy badmood)

Cancer is known to have a high level of sensitivity, from this perspective it can be concluded that they have emotional difficulties.

The complexity can show their feelings about negative situations and cause them to be easily badmood . Also makes them feel uncomfortable.

Cancer wants security and comfort, if they don't fit they tend to get angry suddenly, especially if they've kept it too long.

5. Leo (Egocentric)

Leo is in the power of the Sun and that makes him have a strong ego. Leo is likened to a King or Queen who rules over the kingdom they have created.

In the face of difficulties, Leo tries to struggle to stay on top. And that sometimes makes life complicated. They have high ego tendencies and don't want to listen to what other people say.

They even tend to be vulnerable and hope other people can see their difficulties. But they will bounce back from their lowest position.

6. Virgo (Critical and demanding)

Having an organizing system, Virgo always has a regulating nature. And they are also considered very critical. Virgo can get to the point where they are too compulsive and obsessive and that makes life look complicated. They also easily criticize the shortcomings of others.

Virgo always sees the shortcomings of others but actually they care about that person.

7. Libra (not balanced and perfectionist)

Libra loves beauty and one of the dark side is not having balance. Because it has air elements, Libra sometimes lose their balance and direction. So that makes his life rather complicated and easy to complain.

Libra is very perfectionist and they always see mistakes with details.

8. Scorpio (Aggressive and vindictive)

Scorpios have a vengeful feeling if the people they trust betray them. Scorpio values ​​honesty and he can be a detective if someone keeps a secret from him.

9. Sagittarius (Firm and rather rough)

Sagittarius controlled by Jupiter is considered one of the most optimistic zodiacs. Although they have a critical filterless side. They are smart and have a charming side, but on the other hand they are rather rough and painful. The dark aspect of Sagittarius is what makes life complicated because they can hurt someone with their reckless judgment.

Sagitarius is also considered to be gregarious and dominate social. They also like to be the center of attention, and want to be heard.

10. Capricorn (cold and stubborn)

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, they are known for their concrete and stable progress. Sometimes a Capricorn can be cold and emotionless, but that makes it complicated because it causes misunderstandings.

They believe that feelings are not so important, because they prioritize conceptual thinking.

11. Aquarius (Nosy and easy to change)

Aquarius controlled by Uranus has a cynical attitude, and is skeptical of other people's perspectives.

An Aquarius can do something that is considered spontaneous so that his life is not boring, because they always want to do change.

12. Pisces (Closed)

Pisces is controlled by Neptune, they have properties that are unpredictable and tend to be closed. They are also often immersed in their own feelings. That's what makes it complicated.

That is what makes the lives of the 12 zodiacs look complicated, don't you think like that too? May we be wiser in addressing the negative side that is in us.