Confused You Just Like or Fall in Love? These are 7 ways to distinguish the two
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Confused You Just Like or Fall in Love? These are 7 ways to distinguish the two

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Love for someone must make you feel happy with the desire to continue to be with someone. However, this kind of feeling is not only because you are in love. Maybe you just like it, and feeling like it usually only lasts a little.

Now, how do you distinguish these two feelings? Let's find out how to distinguish the two!

1. Pay attention to how you look at him

If he only looks attractive at certain times, then your feelings may only be a moment to him. But if you feel he always looks attractive at his worst appearance though, then you can be sure that you did fall in love with him.

2. Find out what attracted you to him

Usually someone likes to be based on something, whether because it fits the criteria, because it is physically attractive or something else. But feelings of love present themselves without you knowing the reason why you can have those feelings for him. Even sometimes love grows on someone you never imagined before.

3. To what extent are you willing to sacrifice for him

People who just like tend to still think of profit and loss when doing something for him. Even you sometimes expect the same reply for something you give. It's different from falling in love.

If you love him then you won't think twice when doing something for him. You are able to invest time, energy, money and even feelings to reach the stage of commitment to your relationship with him.

4. The ability to control your feelings when you are around it

When you fall in love, then the feeling when you are around it will make you nervous or anxious about making mistakes that will make it ilfeel even though you have often met him. Especially when you are trapped in an atmosphere together and still in a period of approach.

5. Analyze your feelings when you know the bad side

Accepting one's bad side is difficult, but that is one of the characteristics of people who fall in love. When you just like it, then you will only like the good side but feel embarrassed when you know the downside.

But if the feeling that you have is love, then knowing the bad side makes you want to be with him together to be better in the future.

6. The desire to fight for your feelings

Feeling love will make you struggle to get the same feeling from him. You will fight for anything to get his attention. Not only that, you also want to express your feelings to him.

7. The desire to make him happy

Blessing loved ones will be a priority for people who are in love. You will do anything to make him happy, even when it's not something you like.

If you only like it, then you are still thinking about yourself and not fully willing to do something for him that is not profitable for you.

Now, do you know how to distinguish between feelings of love and love? If your feelings are still just like you, you can back down to prevent you from wasting time or advancing to develop your feelings into love.