Correction and Fix! 5 Signs of Your Relationship Still Not as Mature as Your Age
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Correction and Fix! 5 Signs of Your Relationship Still Not as Mature as Your Age

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Every couple definitely wants to establish a lasting relationship. Love each other, understand and support each other. Far from disputes do not even know the phrase "break up". Various efforts are made so that relations can run smoothly and fine. But what power, not all love relationships can go according to our wishes.

Some couples must struggle because of the attitude of one or both of them who are still like teenagers. Even at the age of no longer young, their attitude in undergoing a love affair is like a teenager with high selfishness who is vulnerable to the word "break up". Then what kind of attitude signifies we are not as mature as our age?

1. Not only feelings, your attitude is not serious

Apart from your feeling that you have to start seriously, your attitude must also describe this. How could your partner believe, if your attitude in undergoing a relationship is sometimes still like a child. Many are jealous of this and that. You are very protective to limit your partner's space. Until your attitude can't calm down when meeting friends or family partners.

Not not appreciate what you are. But isn't everyone in a hub having to sacrifice. One of them is maintaining attitudes and changing bad habits for the better. Yes, you might feel you should be loved for who you are. Not only about physical but also attitudes and behavior. But don't you want to give your partner the best?

2. You still think the future is a joke

On every journey of life, humans will enter into their space of maturity. From attitudes and even mindset and words. It should be more mature the more clear where you and your partner will bring the existing relationship. Will it continue or just waste time.

Actually you will easily find out how you and your partner are ready to commit. Starting from your conversation during a date. Will you talk about your future? Or just fuss about where your dinner destination will be tomorrow.

3. Cultivate an obsession to have

Loving is not just an obsession to have. Until he banned this and that. Require him this and that. Until you do a lot of things that even make your partner become embarrassed because of your excessive attitude.

Like teenagers who just feel in love. You still feel your life will end without it. So that as much as possible you will do things that make it seem like you are being restrained. No, if you are still so, then ask yourself again. Do you really love him? Or just want to have it?

4. You and him are still difficult to succumb to each other

An increasingly mature age should bring you into an attitude that easily blows your ego. You become easier to give in and no longer think about yourself. All forms of desire are not only about you, but you. You and your partner will share mutual respect. So that you and he did not hesitate to share stories to ask for opinions.

Disputes are natural. But not by quarreling endlessly and even disturbing your relationship. You and he naturally have an ego to win their respective egos. But building relationships is not just outperforming one and the other, but supporting each other.

5. Instead of supporting each other, but competition is not healthy

This is what might be rarely exposed but in fact it is experienced a lot. Who would have thought when already a lover, you and your partner could not compete. Some are used to competing in many ways. It could be that you and your partner who were originally schoolmates are now lovers who will remain competitors when together.

Competing is natural, but it must be in a good, healthy way. If not then you and your partner will risk your relationship. You and he might like to compete. But remember, your relationship should also support each other.

That's a number of signs that your relationship isn't as mature as your age. When you are honest with yourself, do you feel one of them?