Don't be repeated again, these six trivial things make you considered selfish 
Cari Berita

Don't be repeated again, these six trivial things make you considered selfish 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Being selfish is something that everyone really doesn't want. Who wants to be labeled selfish right? Unfortunately, there are some daily habits that we often do but it turns out that we can be labeled as selfish.

These trivial habits are things that we do quite often without considering the feelings of others. So to avoid all these habits, it's better if we often reflect and rethink our actions that often harm others.

Do you want to know what are these trivial habits ? This is it.

1. Don't say thank you when being helped

Sesepele never thanked others. That's how simple we can be considered selfish, you know. A brief and sincere thank you with a warm smile is not a hard thing, really. So get used to it now.

2. Concerning his own affairs and not caring about the people around

It's not just us who are busy in this world, so don't just focus on yourself. As social beings, we must position ourselves well. Don't just because we are busy working, then we ignore others.

3. Always ask for priority

When asking for help, we always ask to be united without caring about other people's activities. This is a habit that makes you labeled selfish. Not infrequently, help requests actually sound more like orders in other people's eyes. Who wants to cancel it then?

4. Love being angry is not clear when the desire is not fulfilled

When his desires are not fulfilled, selfish people will go crazy not clear. let's, have you ever been like this? Remember, other people may have strong reasons why he can't obey your request.

5. Spoiled and ask for extra attention

Spoiled and always asking for attention is one of the habits of selfish people too, you know. For example, because you want attention from your partner, you forbid him to meet with his friends. Or even forbid him to go to work. How do you say selfish try?

6. Rarely willing to help other people who are in trouble

When he needed help, he asked to be prioritized, but never wanted when someone else asked him for help. Well, really trivial habits right? But people will give you a selfish stamp if you continue this habit. So it must be stopped now.

Selfish is the nature that we shouldn't have. Eliminate selfishness, then you will be happier yourself. Do not believe? Just try it.