Don't be sad, this is the reason why a new ex-girlfriend makes a move on delicious
Cari Berita

Don't be sad, this is the reason why a new ex-girlfriend makes a move on delicious

Friday, January 11, 2019

Loving someone sometimes we can't have it and have to let it go because in this world not everything is on our side. Including when the love story must end and the ex has a new lover. It is not something you have to cry out about and thanks to, thanks to that you will be easier to move on. Here are five reasons the ex-new boyfriend can make you move quickly on, right?

1. When the ex is happy with his new boyfriend, obviously you also have to be happy

If your ex has looked happy with his new crush when you didn't and continues to lament yourself? Obviously you also have to be happy in your own way and way. Believe when you are motivated to be happy everything will be fine and slowly the ex will only stay in your past. Because for what do you cry over what happened while he was happy with the current situation?

2. Thanks to the former new boyfriend, you accept the fact that you can no longer be with him and finally move on

Usually when breaking up with a former couple of women hope to return to the ex who is still loved. But when the ex already has a new boyfriend, obviously backing is a must. Thanks to this, you will realize the fact that you and him are indeed over and this will also make you more motivated to move on. Yes, do you want to disturb the story of the former with his new boyfriend?

3. Learn to be a better person

Most of the women claimed to often stalk their new ex-girlfriends because they wanted to know what women had replaced. If the former new boyfriend is not as good and not as good as himself, some women feel relieved and feel that they are better. This also will make him more confident.

4. You have the opportunity to find a better lover than your ex

Because the former already has a new lover, automatically you also have to find a new lover who must definitely be better than your ex. Open your social gates and select the people who deserve to be your new girlfriend candidates. Also, make sure that your new lover is truly loving you, not just making you runaway.

5. There are no more reasons to turn around with the ex so you won't easily remember the past

Because he already has a heartbeat, automatically you don't have any reason to go back to him and repeat the bitter story with him. You will realize that the ex is only living in your past part not your future. Gradually you will forget it and even feel lucky to have separated from him because your life is better now without him.

Now hurry up move on gues!