Feeling Tired, These Are the 5 Difficulties Frequently Experienced by Perfectionists
Cari Berita

Feeling Tired, These Are the 5 Difficulties Frequently Experienced by Perfectionists

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Perfectionist nature is usually owned by people who are full of planning and life as if they must always walk perfectly. Actually, we all need to know that not everything will be as perfect as we planned, you know. Little surprises are always there to color our days.

Unfortunately, for a perfectionist, a surprise in life is something that is very unwelcome because it will disturb and damage all plans that have been prepared carefully. So, a perfectionist often has some of these difficulties.

1. You are often exhausted by the burden of the task that feels very heavy

When you get an assignment on campus, or when entering the workforce, a perfectionist will feel all the burdens feel heavy. Actually, not because the work is heavy, often this happens because the perfectionist is too eager to produce something perfect. In fact, a little small mistake will make us able to study later on.

2. You hardly have time to relax

If you are a true perfectionist, "relaxing" is almost nothing in your dictionary. Every time in your life is something valuable and won't change. So, you always maximize it to work and do something useful.

Although this is a wise action, it is wiser if we can divide time well. Relaxing and resting is also needed, you know. Especially if our performance has declined because it is constantly being pushed.

3. Want to go anywhere and do anything, you are troubled yourself

A perfectionist likes to be in a place that is his comfort zone. So, when you have to move or do something new, the perfectionist will have trouble doing everything.

Unlike people who tend to be relaxed in their lives, perfectionists will be distraught and worry if their new place is not as expected. So finally he prepared everything carefully and tended to overdo it.

4. When others can enjoy the atmosphere, you often feel tense and a lot of thoughts

Even when your friends or family or colleagues can enjoy the holiday atmosphere, you always feel tense and full of anxiety. Not because the scenery in front of your eyes can't grab your attention, it's just that your brain has been filled with various plans and time calculations.

Everything that is too planned ends can be unpleasant, you know. Relax more, guys.

5. You feel stressed if something goes wrong according to your plan

The main difficulty facing the perfectionist is when something happens outside of his plan. Mature planning that has been made for days before can suddenly be broken because of trivial things. When this situation occurs, the perfectionist will be nervous not playing and feeling stressed.

Remember guys, we are only humans. So there is no one hundred percent perfect. No matter how good the preparations we make, anything can happen that destroys everything.

It's not a problem to not be perfect, as long as we've done the best we can. Keep up the spirit.