Girls, the following 5 things can be because you haven't met a mate
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Girls, the following 5 things can be because you haven't met a mate

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

All must agree, if the name of fortune, fate and also a soul mate is in God's hands. But if you just press it and don't want to work, it's impossible that money will come by itself. Likewise with mate, even though you believe God has prepared someone as your soul mate, but if you don't look for it, you won't find it.

In addition to passively searching, there are also some things that might be the reason why until now you are still far the same as the name mate, or partner.

Like the following five things. Try to think about it again, do you still do it often or not.

1. Limiting association

As a woman, you are required to take care of yourself, compared to men. Understand if in the end you become more selective in choosing friends. But being selective does not mean that you have to limit yourself to the extreme, huh. You may be picky friends, but you have to be willing to open your hands to anyone new to you.

If you are too "fanatical" in sorting out friends, let alone mates, even close friends will be difficult for you to get. Who knows, people who you think are annoying and often bother you, it turns out is a mate that has been sought.

2. Feel yourself not worthy of being loved

Have you ever said to yourself, if you really don't deserve to be loved? The reason for this thought can vary, either because you have experienced painful past events with a guy, or felt less confident with appearance. Most importantly, you must be sure that every woman is beautiful and they deserve to get true love.

If you just don't want to love yourself, how will other people like you right? So , appreciate yourself more from now on.

3. Your ideal type is too high

Everyone must have a list of criteria for their ideal partner. Some want high, white couples or like men in suits who work in elite offices. It's okay if you have a certain standard for your partner later, but you have to adjust it to yourself.

Do not arrive, high standards are not matched by the quality of your capable self. People say, mate is a reflection of ourselves. So, if you want to get a quality man you also have to make yourself worthy of being with that type of man, please.

4. Too swept away in your own world

Entering mature age, of course you will be more active working or busy completing your two-year study. Spending time with positive activities like that really deserves appreciation. However, don't get too focused on work or lectures, you will be negligent in finding a mate.

Maybe there have been thoughts of romance that stop in your mind, but because again your focus is divided with responsibilities in the office or values ​​on campus, that thought must sink again.

5. There is a trauma that makes you afraid to start a new relationship

If you have experience in the past that has been traumatized, get rid of it far away. Suppose you have been betrayed or left by your beloved lover for ever. Whatever the cause, being stuck with the past constantly will only hinder your future.

You have the right to be happy with the present life, what else in the future. What happens is that it happens, the porridge cannot be returned to rice. Remember, there is someone much better, God has prepared for you. Try to open yourself, so you can find it quickly

Well, how do you do the following five things until now? If so, hurry up and change it.