Girls, These are 5 Ways to Make Your Love Girlfriend Dead and Reluctant to Turn Away From You!
Cari Berita

Girls, These are 5 Ways to Make Your Love Girlfriend Dead and Reluctant to Turn Away From You!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Maintaining love for someone is indeed easy. There are times when you feel love with your boyfriend, sometimes you feel embarrassed by yourself. Outbreaks that occur risk making girlfriends plan to move hearts from you. Oops!

You can make your boyfriend love you, so he won't want to replace you with another. Not just ordinary love, you know.

Do you want to make your girlfriend love to die to you? Do these five things, surely he won't want to move your heart from you. Practice immediately, girl .

1. Make his favorite dishes. You will be a dream if you succeed in satisfying your hungry stomach!

One weapon to melt a girlfriend's heart is to win her stomach too. What does it mean? All guys must eat. Right?

Well, you can make your girlfriend's favorite food. Let your boyfriend's stomach fall in love with the taste of your homemade dishes. Believe me, wherever he goes, he will always miss your homemade food. For him, you are the greatest chef !

2. Try to look charming every time you meet him. Don't be lazy to explore appearance

Make him fascinated every time you meet you. Do not be lazy to try various styles such as appearing feminine, appear tomboy, or maybe you want vintage style too. This makes him always impatient to meet you.

But keep in mind, keep being yourself, girl . Appearances and styles can be alternated, but the person must remain himself. You can ask him what style he likes from you. Feeling like ngedate with somebody different every date. Will not make him bored!

3. Sharpen your humor. Guys will love to die with humorous girls and can be invited to joke

One of the criteria of a favorite girl of the majority of guys is humorous girl. Girls who don't get baper when they're joking. How exciting is it, if you cranky when you try it out?

According to them, humorous girls are exciting and not boring. Try to hone your sense of humor. You can try reading funny comics, or memes that are more contemporary. Your crisp laughter makes him kneel, bro.

4. What is your uniqueness? Don't forget to show it to your girlfriend. He will always remember you!

Do you have a unique hobby or habit? Don't be shy about telling and showing to your girlfriend. Even though you are not the only person who has that uniqueness, at least it makes your boyfriend want you to keep on wanting.

Compared to hobbies of girls who like to shop, guys will be more desirable with girls who like extreme sports or like brain tinkering with electronic items. Do you want your girlfriend to always remember?

5. Give attention to his special moments, such as his birthday, graduation or success in the Olympics

Don't have to give him a super expensive gift. Your own handmade gift is enough to make him feel blue. You can also pay attention when he is struggling, for example encouraging him, reminding him not to forget his duty of worship, accompanying him during the race and so on. Likewise attention can be given when he is sick again.

Your attention makes him melt away!

Prepare yourself to win his heart. Let her love die with you and you don't need to worry if she turns away from you. Congratulations on making him fall in love, girl !