Honest, the most brokenhearth of the boy if the girl says like this
Cari Berita

Honest, the most brokenhearth of the boy if the girl says like this

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Disputes are unavoidable in a relationship. There will always be things that are considered differently by each partner. And the guy who doesn't like it the most when he gets angry, girls say this sentence.

1. "You're outrageous, you make me want to kill myself!"

Guys will consider more sentences like this and they hate it the most if the girl is too exaggerating. As if there was no other way to solve the problem other than suicide.

2. "I'm always wrong, you're never wrong"

Even though it looks like it is giving in, this sentence actually shows that the girl doesn't want to lose. He wants to win by pretending to give in so that the guy doesn't move anymore.

3. "You just like my physical, right? That's why you like this!"

Even though guys are visual creatures, not all guys are crotchy. They hate it when they are considered inferior like this, boys also consider moral as a part of self-esteem.

4. "You can't change, you can't!"

This sentence is very cornering for guys. Usually they will also get angry and really give up because they no longer see hope in you.

5. "Always like this, when can you understand me?"

"You also don't understand me next time!" They are most reluctant to hear a sentence like this repeatedly come out as if it's just a guy who doesn't understand.

6. "This is all because of you, if not you won't be like this."

Blame it as a whole as if the relationship was only done by the guy himself, they must hate it. The relationship starts with both of you, maybe not just the wrong one.

7. "Already, I'm just down here. Just go home alone!"

This is most often a soap opera or television film, but in the real world it is also rare. This position always makes a guy awry, descends to be considered heartless, and his girl keeps whining.

8. "You are a weak guy, you can't!"

Wow, this hurts men's pride. They can ignite their anger and vent it in a bad way. Just be careful if a guy is angry because of this.

9. "So find a lot of money, so it doesn't work like this!"

Financial is also a big prestige for every guy. If they shoot your financial side and you think it's weak, they will hate you very much. Maybe it will break up with you.

10. "I have never had an ex who is as bad as you!"

One of the most hateful guys is comparing them with other ex-men. The most allergic guys talk about the former especially to compare.

For girls don't ever say these sentences again!