It's not a big deal, these 5 simple things are enough to be your resolution next year
Cari Berita

It's not a big deal, these 5 simple things are enough to be your resolution next year

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

At the end of each year, we usually do the tradition of making a list of resolutions next year. We input various ideals, goals, and changes into the resolution in the hope that it can be achieved or implemented in the future.

It doesn't need to be too much and complicated, the thing below is enough to be your resolution next year.

1. Healthy always physically and mentally

You must have heard that health words are far more expensive than anything. Well, that is indeed true, you know. Before making a resolution far away, it's better to start with yourself first.

2. Smooth in education and work

For those of you who are still studying or undergoing work, this one resolution is mandatory for you next year. No need for big success like a perfect IP or promotion, just enough to be launched everyday and all tasks are completed well and maximally. Even if it's successful, it means it's a bonus from the above.

3. Far from all the drama of life

Living away from the drama will be much more pleasant and calming. There is no such thing as a fake friend, toxic people , or any other negative things. You will be happier with the people you care about.

4. Happy parents

Before you go far, let's please parents first. It is enough to maintain communication with them, always give news, and do not forget to pray for them, you have made your parents happy. Simple but very meaningful, you know.

5. Love yourself

Finally, of course you have to love yourself more next year. Before opening and linking hearts to others, you must first do it to yourself.

Loving yourself is simple. Treatments such as accepting yourself for who you are, not comparing with others, and improving your quality are simple steps to love yourself.

Resolution is not about how many things you want to achieve, but how many things you can and can achieve in the future.

Come on, make your simple resolution for next year!