Not Always Fun, These Are 5 Girls Anxiety When Having Good Guys
Cari Berita

Not Always Fun, These Are 5 Girls Anxiety When Having Good Guys

Friday, January 4, 2019

Many girls make the "good" category as one of the list of ideal guys. Good guys are guys who are happy to help when we need help. But once you have a guy who's really kind, strangely, girls sometimes like to worry and worry on their own.

Want to know why? Here are some reasons.

1. For those who are jealous, having a good guy must make them nervous every day, afraid to be glimpsed by the others

Good guys do have their own plus in people's eyes. Even though his face isn't as charming as the stars on TV, but if his heart is very good, his level of good looks can increase, you know. So girls who are basically jealous, when they have guys who are too kind, their jealousy levels can be many times. Wow, yeah.

2. Sometimes like to compare, how come he is good with other people but we don't

So like to compare his kindness to others, it is also one of the things that girls often do who have too good guys. Girls do feel they must always be the priority of their partners. Especially if the problem of good-natured nature causes the boy to pay less attention, a fight can happen because of this.

3. It's so good, he usually doesn't have time for his girl because he is too concerned with others

Even more if time is supposed to be spent together, it is even lost because of having to help other people. Girls might feel homely and not important in the eyes of their men. Duh, don't get me wrong because of this kindness problem, guys.

4. Men who are too good also have many fans everywhere, it's annoying

The level of good looks is increasing because of his kindness, making the guy an idol of many people. As a result, his fans, mostly from women, made the girl resentful and did not calm his heart. Especially if there are a lot of sassy comments in the media. Ouch, it makes you feel more emotional.

5. It's really fearful that he will be used by others because of his kindness

The next girl's concern if she has a guy too well is fear that she will be used by those who like to take advantage. Isn't it possible for people who are too good to be victims of fraud and so on? So girls often warn their partners to not always be kind and more picky in providing assistance.

If your guy is too good, what do you have yourself, girls?