Not Always 'Sorry', Sorry Words Can Be Replaced with 'Thank You'
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Not Always 'Sorry', Sorry Words Can Be Replaced with 'Thank You'

Thursday, January 3, 2019

In English 'sorry' is a word commonly used to express forgiveness or regret. But not always 'sorry' guys , you can also change the word ' sorry ' with 'thank you' . Now below is an example of using the word ' thank you' which can replace the word 'sorry' . Check it out!

1. I'm sorry, I have been so needy lately

The sentence 'I'm sorry, I have been so needy lately' means to apologize if lately it's been troublesome or spoiled. This sentence can be changed to a sentence that has a more positive impression such as 'Thank you for being there for me ' . Sounds more sweet right?

Needy itself can be interpreted as ' wanting too much attention and love '.

2. I'm sorry, I made a mistake

Someone in general if reminded of the mistakes he made will say 'I'm sorry, I made a mistake' which means, apologizing for the mistake made.

Well, it's not just ' sorry ', in this situation you can express a sorry sentence with 'Thank you for pointing my mistake'. Use this sentence wisely and have a good expression of forgiveness, so that the sorry message can be conveyed appropriately.

3. I'm sorry to ask you for another favor

'm sorry to ask you for another favor ' meaning to apologize for asking for help, this sentence can be replaced with ' Thank you for helping me out ' . Sweet right? Hopefully this sentence that was asked for help also feels good.

4. I'm sorry, I can't make it tonight

This sentence can be used to apologize when you cannot attend your friend's invitation, other than saying 'I'm sorry, I can't use it tonight' you can replace the sentence as a variation using 'Thank you for inviting me' . Convey well

5. I'm sorry for being emotional

When you are feeling emotional, you will feel bad mood, right? For that, say sorry to those affected by your emotions but still by your side. The phrase 'I'm sorry for being emotional' can be used to apologize to those people. For a sweeter impression, try using 'Thank you for loving me' . How about it, it's more sweet right?

6. Sorry, I'm late

The phrase 'Sorry, I'm late' expresses an apology when it arrives late, now you can replace the sentence with 'Thank you for waiting me' .

'Thank you for waiting me' can be used when a late appointment meets a friend or a meeting that is not too formal because this sentence is not right when used to apologize when it is late for school or office, besides sounding impolite is not the right situation.

7. I'm sorry, I have been distant

For those of you who live far from loved ones because of various kinds of activities, work or education, you can say 'I'm sorry that I have been distant' to those you care about or use the phrase 'Thank you for being understanding' . So sweet , right?

Those are some examples of 'sorry' sentences that can be replaced with the word 'thank you' , use sentences in situations that are appropriate so that expressions of taste can be conveyed appropriately.