Not carelessly, these are 5 Right Ways to Praise Others
Cari Berita

Not carelessly, these are 5 Right Ways to Praise Others

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Praised by others, of course is desirable and pleasant for almost everyone. Including you, right?

Well, the problem is often people praise in a way that is not right even the praise has the potential to offend other people's hearts. If that's the case, the praise actually changes from the proper meaning of praise.

So, so that you don't get it wrong again, let's look at the right way to praise others.

1. Praise because you really want to praise, not because of ado

In praising others, you should praise them because they really want to praise. Avoid frequency praising whose purpose is only for small talk. Why? Giving too much praise because of small talk will only make your compliment seem fake or fake. Finally, in the eyes of others you don't look sincere at all.

Yes, basically everyone expects the sincerity of the words of the other person. If occasionally, of course there is absolutely no problem, it's just that if you are too often afraid of other people you will feel 'fed up' with praise that is only for the ado.

So, from now on, praise others sincerely!

2. Avoid praise with the impression of sarcasm

This is an error that might often be done without realizing it. Maybe your heart wants to joke, but the way you do it is by praising it with satire. For example, "Wow, you are beautiful / handsome today even though you usually don't"

Well, if that's the case, maybe it's not a thank you word but a reprimand. Because of course the sentence above offends someone. Another case, if you are close and the person can receive the 'joke'. But, remember basically everyone also wants to be rewarded in a good way right?

3. As much as possible avoid sensitive topics when you want to praise

Well, in praise you should pay attention to what you want to praise first. Because, for sensitive topics you should avoid it because it risks making other people hurt or offended if the words or sentences used are not right. One sensitive topic that you should avoid for example is a matter of physical and bodily appearance.

Be careful, you speak wrong whether praise or joke even if you still have the potential to do body shaming to your interlocutor . Unless you are sure that your praise won't offend other people even about sensitive topics.

So, there's nothing wrong with you remembering the saying 'your mouth is your mouth'!

4. Pay attention to the personality of the person being praised

If this is not less important, pay attention and recognize well the nature or personality of the person you're talking to. Is he a person who tends to be ignorant or on the contrary he is a sensitive person.

Of course, the praise spoken to sensitive people should be more thoughtful because those who are sensitive are more sensitive to ignorant people who don't think too much about other people's words. Not only these two traits, also pay attention to other traits if you want to praise others!

5. Never praise other people excessively or more

Praise appropriately according to the conditions and conditions. Do not use too much or excessive sentences in praise. For example, "Wow, your beauty / good looks are indeed unequaled in this world" .

Pay attention, though it's nice to hear, but sentences like this have the potential to make people who are praised feel over-confident and arrogant. Hmmm, if that's the case, the compliments aren't good for people who are praised right?

Finally, hopefully you can apply the five methods above and be useful!