Skincare 101: How to Know What You Are Allergic with Jewelry
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Skincare 101: How to Know What You Are Allergic with Jewelry

Monday, January 7, 2019

Feel that the jewelry you use has side effects on your skin? It's possible that you suffer from allergies from the ingredients that you use for your favorite accessories that you often use.

Do you experience red-red rash skin symptoms in areas that have had contact with jewelry? If so, maybe you are sensitive to certain metals. But don't panic, there will always be a way out for every problem.

To find out more, you must read this article until it's finished.

1. Can jewelry make skin irritated?

Apparently, your jewelry can also make allergies and irritate the skin. When jewelry makes a red rash, your skin may become swollen and very itchy. Unfortunately, not everyone is immune to metals such as jewelry. Everyone can be allergic, depending on what metal is the material of the jewelry.

So far, nickel is a metal that can directly give side effects when used and touch the skin. Usually cheap jewelry is made of nickel and coated with other metals, when the layer is thinning and nickel is exposed to the skin, allergies occur.

2. How can you ensure that the cause is really jewelry? You can have other allergies

Don't blame the jewelry right away. It's possible if that's not the case. But if allergic to metal jewelry is usually easy to find out. For example, if you have reddish itching on your near neck draping your jewelry, then that means your jewelry is the culprit. It's the same if you have itching in the ear area after trying new earrings.

3. Are there certain types of jewelry that aren't safer for sensitive skin?

Because your allergies don't want to use jewelry anymore? Not really. There is a solution so that you can still use accessories without getting allergic side effects. Look for jewelry that is hypoallergenic and doesn't have the potential to irritate you. Hypoallergenic jewelry usually has a mixture of metals such as gold, stainless steel, and titanium. You can also search for gold, silver, or platinum jewelry itself without mixing anything.

4. How to reduce allergic reactions to the skin?

Okay, jewelry can be one of the culprits, but it's not the only accessory that can make allergies. Trivial objects such as bearing earrings, belts and zips can trigger symptoms of red itchy rashes. Then if an allergic reaction has arisen because of nickel, what should you do?

Check what you are using. As mentioned above, trivial things can cause irritation. Usually belts, bra hooks, and metal buttons that contain nickel. So if you have items you should replace them with only plastic.Be careful with electronic products. Are you allergic to one side of the face where you usually call? There may be nickel in your cellphone, laptop or tablet. Try using screen protector so that it becomes a barrier.

Replace all the products and tools you use that contain nickel with hypoallergenic ingredients.

Note: Don't panic if you have an allergic reaction and a reddish rash. Rashes caused by nickel allergies usually do not threaten your health. But if your allergies are getting annoying or even becoming an infection, it's a sign that you shou