So Sensitive People That Are Not Forever Fun, Here Are 5 Reasons!
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So Sensitive People That Are Not Forever Fun, Here Are 5 Reasons!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Sensitive, one word that we often hear in everyday life. Yes, sensitive people mean people who are sensitive to their surroundings. They are people who are more sensitive than people in general.

Well, of course being a sensitive person has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, in this article we will discuss anything unpleasant to be sensitive people.

1. The habit of 'overthinking' is often done by sensitive people

Because already 'feeling' towards the surrounding environment, sensitive people also usually will be able to realize things that are not thought of by people who are not sensitive. As a result, you are sensitive so you like to think a lot or overthinking .

Even though you know the habit of thinking a lot is futile, life doesn't get comfortable and isn't happy because it's worrying about too many things. Either the problem is trivial or big it really drains your energy. If you are still like that, from now on slowly stop the overthinkinghabit huh!

2. Sensitive people usually care more about others, but sometimes they are actually used

It's no secret that those sensitive and sensitive people are more easily touched by their hearts. So they are more moved to care and help the people around them. But, their kindness is often misused by those who only want to use themselves.

You know, but shouldn't sensitive people know more about people who don't mean well? Well, sensitive people are just ordinary people, right? So, even though sensitive people are usually more vigilant, sometimes many factors can overcome their own sensitivity.

3. If you have been hurt, sensitive people are often considered 'overreacting'

Now, if this is most likely felt by sensitive people. Sometimes, because the level of feeling is too sensitive, maybe you who are sensitive are considered overreacting or overreacting when you feel hurt. For example, crying continuously, prolonged confusion and so on.

Is that wrong? It's just legitimate if you just want to express the sadness you feel. Really humane, only thing to remember is that you have to determine when it's time to stop and move on from the feeling of sadness and pain that is felt. Believe me, tomorrow will be better for you.

4. Sad, sometimes other people cannot feel what they feel

His name is sensitive, it must be only him or other sensitive people who understand what he feels. Sometimes, that is frustrating because it is not understood by others.

But, don't be sad and disappointed because you should only think positive about what you experience. Rest assured, with your sensitivity there are still many good things you can do for yourself and those around you. Agree?

5. Worse, if pain and sadness are felt instead impact on social relations

As a result of more pain and sadness than people in general, it is not uncommon for sensitive and sensitive people to withdraw from social relations with other people. Ranging from family relationships, friendship to romance can also be affected if not immediately addressed.

Then, is it bad to be a sensitive person? Actually not really, believe me, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Including sensitivity that is owned, can be good or bad depending on how you react. So, keep being enthusiastic!